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Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Ana de Armas’ Pure Beauty Shines In A Recent Close-Up Selfie

The Hollywood actor Ben Affleck‘s beautiful girlfriend and actress, Ana de Armas, has taken a close-selfie pose of herself and shared it on her official Instagram account to captive her 2.9 million followers with her flawless beauty.

The Cuban actress is a very successful social media personality because she knows how to mesmerize her followers. She shares new photos almost every day to show her pure beauty and added yet another new picture on Instagram.

As you can see in the photo, she took a close-up selfie pose and used a black-white effect to show herself in a quality way. She was wearing a simple white sweater and teamed it with sunglasses. She had preferred a light makeup for this pose because she trusted her pure beauty. In the caption, she mentioned that she took it while walking in the afternoon.

This Instagram post has reached more than 350k likes in a few hours, and her followers have almost broken the comments section because they wrote a lot of comments about her gorgeous beauty.

Here’s what she captioned with it:

“Afternoon walk 🐾♥️”

A fan named Arthur asked a meaningful question:

“Wheres the mask?”

Another fan named Nana commented and warned her:

“Stay at home Ana, please.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.


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