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Kate and Prince William show new ‘raw’ approach to royal duties ‘on their own’

Omid Scobie and Maggie Rulli discussed the ‘raw’ side of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Zoom calls during the Heir Podcast. Ms Rulli stated that the video calls have allowed Kate and Prince William to have more intimate moments with members of the public as a royal press officer has not been involved.  

Mr Scobie said: “You have been on royal engagements, you know how orchestrated these events are.

“So there is something really refreshing about the organic nature of these Zoom calls.

“They don’t seem to run to an exact time frame.

“Sometimes royal engagements are planned down to the very second but Kate’s call with the midwives and the new mums ran on as long as it needed to.

“I hope once this is all over we keep some of this informality on royal engagements moving forward.

“I am really enjoying seeing this side of both the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I hope that continues.”

Ms Rulli followed-up: “That is why we are seeing this very authentic, almost raw side to both of them right now, especially Kate.

“Maybe it is because they are doing it on their own.

“There are no time constraints or added pressure of the press secretary being there.

“It is a much more intimate moment.”

Kate has been utilising her major portfolio in childhood education to home-school her children during the coronavirus pandemic according to a royal commentator.

Royal expert Angela Mollard told the ROYALS Podcast the Duchess of Cambridge has access to all the best resources in order to home school Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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Ms Mollard said: “They are apparently home-schooling their children.

“I am not sure to the extent that their little ones are using technology, digital means to learn but Kate is obviously a very dedicated parent when it comes to all things education.

“Her major portfolio is childhood education, so she has access to the best resources.

“She is instinctive enough, there is plenty of room for them to go out and about.”


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