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Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Sends A Sincere Thanks Message To Kylie Jenner Due To Her Special Gift

The late Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant’s beloved daughter, Natalia Bryant, has posted a recent photo via her official Instagram account and sent a special thanks message to the social media icon, Kylie Jenner.

Today, Kylie Jenner has gifted one of her sets which branded ‘Kylie Skin By Kylie Jenner’ to Natalia Bryant. After a few hours, Natalia took a photo of Kylie Jenner’s gift and shared it on her Instagram Stories. Also, Natalia wrote a sincere message for thanking Kylie Jenner due to her sweet gift. Click here to reach her Instagram Stories.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Thank You! Kylie Jenner! Kylie Skin”

You can see the Instagram Stories of Natalia Bryant right below.

Photo Credit: Natalia Bryant – Instagram

A few weeks ago, Kobe Bryant’s older sister, Sharia Bryant had posted a rare photo on her official Instagram page and celebrated Easter with a special Kobe Bryant photo.

In the photo, Kobe was giving a pose with her sisters, Sharia and Shaya on the lap of an Easter Bunny. She wrote a brief note to celebrate Easter in the caption.

Here’s what she captioned:

“Happy Easter! 🙏🐰”


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