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Marvel’s Avengers Lacks in New Release

Marvel’s Avengers game

It’s very easy to consider himself in a Marvel Cinematic Universe after enjoying swing of Spider Man or forcing to retreat Gotham’s City’s ruffians by mighty Batman. It’s all possible for us to become Iron Man and Captain America and to enter in their world with the help of modern and recent technological ideas and developments. Crystal Dynamics does not confines to only a solo super forced combat but it has a much bigger cause and idea to include multiple super heroes in Marvel’s Avenger which shown off on PC, PS4 and Xbox one dated 15th of May of this year. Avengers is planning to bring more updates and improvements which is coming time by time in game trailers and gameplays. A hidden and unknown force tries to sabotage Avengers Day celebrations in San Francisco and this team of great super heroes once again takes up the challenge. Dress up in uniforms and save the day with power of Thor to beat hidden force. Shoot the monster enemies acting like Hulk and Captain America.

Marvel’s Avengers behave as third person killer. It is very tough and active one but was not so fantastic and fabulous. Iron Man can obviously fly over the bridge and can attack with gun and rockets but his flight was not as fast as was being expected.

Crystal Dynamics published short segment of gameplay which could not cover the whole game and they clarified this too again and again. Trailers were very basic nature and could not satisfy the players to keep intact with the game and they have to launch tutorials for this. If any coming video covers all these lacks then might people get the deeper mechanism to enjoy at peak level!!

Every super hero should follow his own fighting style but they felt like they are not free with their abilities and have to use team plan which sucks us a lot. This is not justice with the expectations of users and player characters.  In short there is a lot of capacity for improvements in the game with respect to game level and need an upgrade of powers which super heroes deserve.

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