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Top two games which make you feel the worst to lose at

Sea of Thieves game

Mostly when you are defeated in a video game it does not make you feel sad or bad but it is not always like this. This fun ends when you try to play a third class game. There can be many reasons for it which include cheap tactics, too long time of play or sometimes you don’t get enough time to handle the situation and can play with all of given options.

Robin Valentine: League of Legends

People have spent years playing League of Legends but they enjoyed it only when they were winning or were in the winning position. The only reason is its complex formula to win the level or game; winning spreads a great joy because to manage a win even when players were being crushed in every step but success embraces player. But your joy ends from roots when you spent so much time and in near to completion of the level you are defeated it really makes mourning.

And some games are played in a team and it really sucks more when your friends are still playing and you are out of the match and you know only one way and that is walk away from the game. It really makes a situation miserable and frustrated.

Sea of Thieves

The most liked game with respect to age stage of everyone is the Sea of Thieves. Young and old both can play with great expertise. It is not as easy is being represented because it needs a solid planning and to response at very quick need. You need to be very active and straight forward in using your controls. In team when you are only left combat it makes you more comfortable because you have to care yourself only now. But there are equal chances to get out of the game as no one is to support you. At this time you cannot blame the enemy if you get lost. It would be hard bad luck when you were near to win and lost for a little misunderstanding the situation.

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