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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines – About, Gameplay, Trailer, and System Requirements

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

About Commandos Behind Enemy Lines:

Commandos behind enemy lines is single player PC video games by Pyro studios which was made online in 1998. Six allied commandos perform operations and complete different missions in Europe and Africa with different types of tactics and strategies. Commandos have a complete plan to fulfill their missions like sabotage, assassination and salvaging their captured officials.

Commandos behind enemy lines developed game by pyro studios was a big commercial achievement all around the world with one million units’ sale. Gamespot Spain announced it the biggest sale of all time till 2002. Further it was branched into different episodes like Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty in late 1999. Further two more episodes of its series Commandos 2: Men of Courage and 2001 and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin in 2003

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Game Play:

Commandos behind enemy lines game consists of twenty missions whose responsibility takes an allied officer player to command a group of commandos to fulfill it. First guide given to officer has two main parts of the instructions. In the first part it is told why this mission is being carried out and in the second part all instructions are given how to go in to the field and complete the mission with the help of a map such objectives detail which has to gain and how to get out of the war area. Commander Player has a team of six commandos which he can sent to field with his own choice to obtain the objectives. Mission is failed if any of the commandos is assassinated.

Each commando has got different set of controls and equipment which he can use to deal with enemies and to win and complete the mission. The Green Beret can move the barrels, can climb over the hard rough places and can lures to distract enemy forces. Commando has a knife too to kill soldiers; marine can move into water, can use harpoon gun and can pilot boats and ships. Driver drives tanks, mounted guns and vehicles. Two commandos rescue their comrades.

One commando is Snapper that uses grenades and other explosives. Sniper can use rifle to zoom out the enemies targets. One commando performs as a spy which can disguise himself in enemy uniform and can kill them with an injection. All commandos have a handgun. All commandos want to complete the mission with stealth strategies because if they caught they could not survive for long and will be shot at short.

Whereas enemies’ soldiers are also divided into different ranks armed with machine guns MP40, rifles, sergeants armed with pistols and are instructed to not move from their post point. On the ground enemies also have tanks, cars fully armed. All enemies remain on high alert all time. A patrolling team also patrols all the time on roads and streets to check out people suspiciously. Commandos can monitor the movement of the patrolling team and also the other warriors who are on their specific positions who are not allowed to leave their posts. To track enemies planning is viewed by a cone in front of soldiers, colored green whose radius extends to some distance. This vision is of two ranges; close range is light green whereas long range by dark green color. If enemy watches a commando, enemy orders to halt and capture commando and will fire if they are unable to catch or hold them. Enemies also monitor different movements, footprints, noise o firing; an alarm is also rings if danger is very near to them. At this point every soldier is signaled on high alert and can shoot the commandos if they come close to their target range. In case of alarm rings, completion of mission becomes more difficult to fulfill.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Trailer:

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 98
Processor: Pentium II 300 MHz (or equivalent)
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: 100% DirectX® 8 compatible 3D Accelerator card with at least 12 MB VRAM
Disk Space: 2 GB available space

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