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Meghan Markle’s surprising connection to Princess Diana’s last dying wish revealed

After leaving the Royal Family, Princess Diana had big plans for her life. Much like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the People’s Princess had plans of ruling the silver screen. However, Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31 1997 when she was just 36, making it 23 years since her tragic death.

After her life as a royal ended, Princess Diana aspired to make it big in the showbiz industry.

This is much like Meghan and Harry, who have reportedly been pitching in secret projects to high-profile media companies.

Royal expert Howard Hodgson said in his 2007 biography Charles — the man who will be King, “She was hopeful that Tony Blair would find an ambassadorial role for her that would surely keep her face on the front pages for years to come.

“And if he didn’t, she had other ideas of self-publicity that could act as plan B.

She had been in negotiation for nearly a year with American screen actor Kevin Costner who wanted her to play herself in a sequel to The Bodyguard.

Mr Hodgson said: “She had accepted 30 pages of script written especially for her, and had even dined with the studio bosses at Warner Brothers.

“…Given her addiction to celebrity, she must have been seriously tempted to take the film role,” the biography added.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have also been offered a number of showbiz opportunities since leaving the Royal Family.

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Meghan Markle grew up on set before she quit acting to marry Prince Harry two years ago.

The actress’s first role was as ‘Hot Girl #2′ in a film that starred Ashton Kutcher before she landed parts on ‘CSI’, ‘90210′ and the Russell Brand hit film ‘Get Him to the Greek’.

Meghan grew up around TV stars due to her father Thomas Markle’s job as a Director of Photography.

While the relatives have fallen out in recent years over a number of bombshell claims he made about his daughter – she still holds onto a number of those memories from her time on set.

Meghan’s revelations about her early life in the world of show business was once discussed during an interview on ‘The Late Late Show’.

The actress explained that she was “born and raised” in Los Angeles, California.

She joked: “Yes, I’m one of the five. You can pinch me, I’m real!”

She said: “So I grew-up on the set of ‘Married… with Children’, everyday after school for 10 years, I was there.

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“It’s a very perverse place for a little girl, who went to Catholic school no less, because I’m there in my school uniform, right?”

The US sitcom was known for its offensive material and one liners that attacked women, weight, immigrants and minority groups, and was also branded “sleazy”.

‘Married… with Children’ aired its final episode in 1997 after it was on TV screens for more than a decade.

Amanda Bearse, who played Marcy D’Arcy in the show, told in 2018: “It was a meanspirited and misogynist show.

“It was just so completely inappropriate.

“Today I don’t think the show would be produced because it’s so globally offensive.”

Despite the content being a complete contrast to Meghan’s later life campaigning to eradicate social media bullying and women’s rights, she remembered her time fondly.

She said: “And then the guest stars would be Traci Lords, Tia Carrere, those are some women.”


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