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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fans leap to couple’s defence against latest PR accusations

Meghan and Harry visited on Monday the Preschool Learning Center in Los Angeles run by the non-for-profit organisation Assistance League. During their engagement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex brought along a photographer to take snaps of them speaking with children and planting seeds of Forget-Me-Not, Princess Diana’s favourite flowers. 

This move sparked the criticism of a few royal watchers, who accused Meghan and Harry of carrying out a “PR exercise” and advertising their work rather than shining a light on a good cause.

Twitter user Majella wrote: “They didn’t need to be there at all, what was the purpose of their visit?

“Obviously it was a PR exercise to show what good ‘humanitarian’ they are (as if).

“If they genuinely wanted to help they could write a nice fat cheque and donate that (preferably anonymously).” 

However, fans of the couple said publicising Meghan and Harry’s work is positive, as it makes more people aware of the associations they are helping.

Social media user with the nickname Awesome Beloved wrote: “To highlight this children’s centre and perhaps spur some donations?”

Similarly, Twitter user Lacey wrote: “I don’t understand people who say things like ‘oh they brought a photographer, they’re only doing it for publicity’. 

“The charities get publicity AND an increase in donations every time H&M do this.

“That’s what ALL high profile, privileged people SHOULD do with their platforms!”

Another social media user, Icklenoni, said: “100 percent agree and off I go to donate and I hope many others do too”. 

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Lastly, A Steward-Franklin added: “Side note: H&M brought the spotlight to shine on the charity.

“That’s where you all should be looking.”

Meghan and Harry helped children at the preschool centre do some gardening by planting seeds and watering flowers.

During their visit, carried out on the 23rd anniversary of the death of Princess Diana on Monday, Meghan and Harry also played nursery rhymes and read books to children focused on nature, vegetables and planting. 

Among their readings, there was Jack and the Beanstalk.

A source close to the couple said of this engagement: “Everyone got their hands dirty digging holes for the new plants and seeds and making sure they were secure with enough soil.

“The kids especially were excited to water the new garden with elephant shaped watering cans.” 

The Assistance League is an association helping children from disadvantaged families.

The preschool service welcomes students aged between 3 and 5 from low-income families.

This isn’t the first time Meghan and Harry collaborate with this organisation, according to royal expert Omid Scobie who said on Twitter the couple had quietly volunteered at the League in the past.      


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