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Best free Math Game Apps for Kids on Windows 10 PC

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According to general considerations mathematics is not an attracting subject and it becomes more obvious when children try to study and do mathematics and calculations. To lure children to practice math is not an easy task. Elders (mothers, fathers and teachers) have to work hard for convincing kids to start mathematics. Sometimes elders too feel this subject as a boring one and often forget simple mathematics as they are not addicted to use their brain and use calculators and mobile phones applications for simple calculations. To make mathematics as a favorite subject for all people there have been developed a number of valuable and interesting video games to start and learn mathematics. These games enhance interest in mathematics and students take this as easy one.

Following math games applications have a complete cure for all of above mentioned problems of children and adults. These games will enlighten minds of children with mathematics.

Maths Game

Maths game is basic mathematics practicing game but not as simple as others because it is limited to time. Students have to fulfill the challenge within given time which is very essential for brain grooming and fast calculations by heart. It has very colorful interface and graphics. This app has got too much fame among children, kids and primary school students. Those schools whose system is on technological basis recommend this app for their students. It’s a free game by Pixotri Technologies and can be downloaded from MS Store.

Maths with Cats

Math with cats is the loveliest game among maths learning applications. Its graphics and sounds are very beautiful. Children practice mathematics with cats with great intentions and spend most of time on mathematics due to these cats. It has also time based challenges which are necessary for mind sharpening. Little students can also play this game in combat mode. It is a lovable game for those kids who love cats.

Kids Games Learning Math Basic

This game represents a variety of themes and styling art with attractive colors. To practice mathematics really becomes enchanting and easy with this app. For simple mathematics it has different natural species and scenes of Nature such as rainbows, jumping frogs, dolphins and fishes. It is a desktop application for PC with a storage of 40 MB,s and includes mathematical operations of counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, tables and decimal fractions. Children in preschool can enjoy this game in ten languages.

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