Is your snack craving out of control? From 4 Jelly Babies to 5 squares of Dairy Milk, the portions we SHOULD be having

IF you’ve piled on a few pounds over the summer, perhaps you’re eating just a bit too much of your favourite snacks.

Experts reckon only one in ten of us stick to the recommended serving sizes printed on food labels.

Gary Stone – The Sun

Many people would easily finish a bag of Jelly Babies[/caption]

And according to a new study by PoundToy, portion sizes are often way smaller than you think – for example, we’re only supposed to eat FOUR jelly babies, but most of us happily munch through most of a pack.

And Cadbury say we should stop at just five squares of Dairy Milk – making those family-sized bars suddenly appear much more ominous.

So have you been unknowingly chomping away on bigger portions than you should be?

Check out our handy guide to see much you should actually be eating…

Gary Stone – The Sun

You’re only supposed to have 4 chocolate fingers[/caption]

Jelly Babies

Gary Stone – The Sun

Not many people are able to stop at just four Jelly Babies[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A lot would usually finish a whole bag[/caption]

Recommended serving: 4 sweets

Calories: 87 calories

Fat: Less than 0.1g

Sugar: 20g

Doritos Cool Original

Gary Stone – The Sun

The recommended serving of Doritos[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

In reality, there are far more Doritos in one full big bag[/caption]

Recommended serving: 30g (one small multi-pack bag or just over half a Grab Bag)

Calories: 149

Fat: 7.7g

Sugar: 0.8g

Asda Extra Special White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

Gary Stone – The Sun

Only a tiny slice of cheesecake is recommended[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A full cheesecake is a family favourite[/caption]

Recommended serving: 1/6th (small slice)

Calories: 312

Fat: 17g

Sugar: 24g

Kellogg’s Cornflakes

Gary Stone – The Sun

The recommended amount of cornflakes is fairly small[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

Portion control can be hard with a big box of cornflakes[/caption]

Recommended serving: 30g (small bowl)

Calories: 113

Fat: 0.3g

Sugar: 2.4g


Gary Stone – The Sun

A full bottle of Coca Cola is apparently far too much[/caption]

Recommended serving: 250ml (half a small bottle)

Calories: 105

Fat: 0g

Sugar: 27g

Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers

Gary Stone – The Sun

You’re only recommended to have four fingers[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

It can be hard to stop yourself munching through most of the packet[/caption]

Recommended serving: 4 fingers or 21g

Calories: 108

Fat: 5.7g

Sugar: 6g

Haribo Starmix

Gary Stone – The Sun

Roughly 7 Haribo make up the recommended portion[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A bag of Starmix has a lot more sweets inside[/caption]

Recommended serving: 25g (around 7 sweets)

Calories: 86

Fat: Less than 0.1g

Sugar: 12g

Cadbury Twirl Bites

Gary Stone – The Sun

The recommended portion of Twirl bites is just 7[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A full bag of Twirl Bites could be gone quickly[/caption]

Recommended serving: 7 bites

Calories: 119

Fat: 6.5g

Sugar: 13g

Angel Cake

Gary Stone – The Sun

The recommended size of Angel Cake is tiny[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

The full portion of Angel Cake[/caption]

Recommended serving: 1/8th of a cake

Calories: 146

Fat: 6.2g

Sugar: 11g

Hula Hoops Big Hoops (50g bag)

Gary Stone – The Sun

The recommended amount of Big Hoops is smaller than you think[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

The full amount of crisps in the bag is almost double[/caption]

Recommended serving: 25g (one small bag or half a Big Hoops bag)

Calories: 125

Fat: 6g

Sugar: Less than 0.5g

Cadbury Dairy Milk (200g bar)

Gary Stone – The Sun

Cadbury recommends just five squares[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A full sized Dairy Milk bar is much bigger than the recommended amount[/caption]

Recommended serving: 5 chunks or 25g

Calories: 133

Fat: 7.6g

Sugar: 14g

Nestle Kit Kat

Gary Stone – The Sun

A normal 4-finger Kit Kat bar is fine[/caption]

Recommended serving: 1x 4 finger bar

Calories: 208

Fat: 10.1g

Sugar: 20g

KP Original Salted Peanuts

Gary Stone – The Sun

Just a handful of peanuts is the right amount[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

A lot of people would manage the full portion of peanuts[/caption]

Recommended serving: 30g (around half a small bag)

Calories: 184

Fat: 15g

Sugar: 1.5g

Snack bosses 'need to cut tricks of the trade'

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell says:

“It’s packaging genius as far as manufacturers are concerned, to use ‘per portion’ nutrition labels because without doubt, at a quick glance, they frequently fool consumers into thinking the calories mentioned are for the whole pack and we are lulled into eating more than we need, as a result.

It’s only if you have the time, patience and good enough eye-sight, to read the small print, that you realise you have wolfed down three, four or sometimes even five ‘servings’ by eating the whole pack rather than the recommended portion.

I would like to see ‘per portion’ information clearly visible and very easy to interpret.

If the pack has three portions, manufacturers should leave us in absolutely no doubt that one third of this pack is a portion and that this has ‘X, Y or Z’ calories.

How can people take control of their calorie intake if ‘tricks of the trade’ like these continue?

It’s hard enough to count calories, without this common pitfall there to catch us all out.”

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup

Gary Stone – The Sun

It’s recommended you avoid a full bowl of tomato soup[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

The family favourite’s full portion is much bigger[/caption]

Recommended serving: 1/2 a tin (200g)

Calories: 102

Fat: 4.3g

Sugar: 9.7g

Recommended serving: 1/2 can (207g)

Calories: 162

Fat: 0.4g

Sugar: 9.8g


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