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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to struggle with ‘difficult line to tread’ in neighbourhood

During the Royal Rota, ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship and Maggie Rulli discussed the challenges the Duke and Duchess of Sussex face in California. Ms Rulli stated that it will be curious to see how some of Meghan and Harry’s high-profile neighbours respond to the attention the royal couple will bring to the area.  

Ms Rulli said: “Privacy for this couple we know is one of their priorities so it might bey why they have chosen Montecito.”

Mr Ship replied: “They want photographers when they want them.

“They want the publicity, of course they do, but on their terms.

“That is going to be the difficult line they have got to tread going forward.”

Ms Rulli added: “It will be curious to how some of these high-profile neighbours respond to this if they choose to bring photographers in or if the photographers just come there without their permission.

“This is an area that while it has lovely homes it is outside the paparazzi realm of LA so it is normally quiet.”

During the same podcast, Chris Ship, Lizzie Robinson and Maggie Rulli discussed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new property, which has 16 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms as well as a library and swimming pool. 

Ms Rulli stated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s new £11 million mansion is located in a “magical place”. 


Ms Rulli said: “Santa Barbara, Montecito in particular is a magical place, if I could ever live there it would be life goals to live in a place like that.”

Mr Ship asked: “What was the price of the house, $12 million?”

Ms Robinson replied: “It was £11 million.”

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Ms Rulli added: “I think that it was almost $15 million if it was £11 million.”

Mr Ship asked: “How many bathrooms do Harry and Meghan have?”

Ms Robinson responded: “They have got 16 bathrooms to their 9 bedrooms.

“There are three of them in this house, they have 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a library, an office, a spa, a gym, a games room, wine cellar, tennis court, pool and a guest house.”


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