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Amazing Tactics That Video Game Companies Adopt For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought a revolution in the field of information and technology and the world is working massively on it to use commercially. And the better AI techniques race among developers and investors is at its peak and it will go on increasing at the same pace or more. Winner will be the platform who will bring new features, new suspense, new technology and new ideas but no one will be the looser because everyone is a booster for others to do better.

The above mentioned war was seen few years ago when Google planned to jump into this race. Google launched AlphaGo and tried to compete the most famous gaming board Go of Chinese. AlphaGo observed all the strategies of playing, monitored the actions of best players of the world in the field of AI of gaming and then broke up as AlphaGo and beat the Ke Jie and became the world’s Go champion. Introduction of AlphaGo boosted the other firms, clubs and platforms of developers to compete Google in AI and still it’s going on.

Now other big names of companies for gaming such as Apex Game Tools, EA and Blizzard Entertainment are focusing massively on AI technology to improve this industry. Here are some ways companies are focusing on.

To grow this business of esports and competitive video games players want to choose their ideas as their players. So, pro teams with pro players on the screen were seen round about by 400 million people in last year. In next 2 to 3 years it will reach 600 million people. These numbers were released by Influencer Marketing Hub and Newzoo. For playing these games coaching platform was developed to effectively and efficiently grow this industry. FalconAI were the pioneers who interacted as coaching stuff for young hearts and managed to make professional gamers. FalconAI started SenpAI that helped the players of League of Legends with 90 million players in the world. FalconAI used bots to monitor players and their strategy and then analyzed key tricks to perform a better professional gamer and winner. Then FalconAI offers players relevant suggestions of respective level. Players have to memorize these keys and need to apply in time to do better during competition. AI is being used to make games more innovative, suspensible, tricky and straight forward actions. One example of survival related AI was seen globally in series of movies of Hunger Games.

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