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Call of Duty – About, Gameplay, Trailer, and System Requirements

Call of duty is a shooting game which pretends World War II warfare arms. This resembles to Medal of Honor series. Call of Duty presented a new look on AI-controlled associates who help the player during completion of mission and act differently with respect to conditions. This makes game more vulnerable and presents better planning due to squad formation.

In Call of Duty (a first person shooter game) player is introduced as soldier of an infantry who fights effectively using World War II weapons in battle. All missions propose different objectives to go to next level or mission. Player can use any time his tactics, can save and load guns without any of his checkpoint.

The player contains two main weapons; ten grenades and a handgun. Player can collect other weapons of enemies found during killing of soldiers and can use to shoot targets. Shooting player can aim enemy and targets with a great accuracy with his gun. Some other weapons such as machine guns can be controlled by the player.

Player can fight enemy with respect to his health status. Player health has some health points which are displayed by a health bar. Player can regain his health by using medical kits during different level.

Shellshock is a new feature introduced in Call of Duty. Shellshock is a condition in which a player during explosion faces blurred vision and slows down his activities to achieve his targets. Call of duty represents a real battlefield and this battle is fought in squad form whose commander is player itself and other soldiers assist the commander to fight and move forward.

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