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Prince Charles spent £210,000 on flights for two-day trip royal figures reveal

The information was contained within a summary of the royal finances for 2019-20. Charles flew to Oman following the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said on January 10.

As the decision was arranged quickly following the Sultan’s passing private charts flights were used.

The trip was made on behalf of the British Government as part of its diplomatic programme.

Sultan bin Said, who came to the throne in 1970, was the longest reigning ruler in the Middle East at the time of his passing.

A number of other senior royals made use of charter flights over the past year.

In total £16,440 was spent on Princess Anne for a visit to Rome so she could watch a Scotland vs Italy rugby match.

Separately Prince Andrew took a private plane, at the cost of £15,848, to attend the Royal Portrush Golf Club’s Open championship in Northern Ireland.

The newly released figures reveal the Royal Family is expecting to lose £15million over the next three years.

Revenue from visits to royal sites like Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle have fallen dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is also expected an ambitious programme to refurbish Buckingham Palace over the next decade will fall £20million short.

Despite the loss of income, the Royal Family is not requesting additional support from the taxpayer.

Sir Michael Stevens, the Keeper of the Privy Purse, commented: “In responding to both these financial challenges we have no intention of asking for extra funding and will look to manage the impact through our own efforts and efficiencies.”

Over the past year the amount of public money paid to the Royal Family, the sovereign grant, increased by £2.4million to reach £69.4 million.

This works out at a cost of 75p per person in the United Kingdom.

Additional money is also spent maintaining Buckingham Palace, a key national monument.

Speaking to Sky News David McClure, author of ‘The Queen’s True Worth, pointed out the sovereign grant has increased repeatedly over the past decade.

He said: “At the moment, people are feeling a bit sorry for the palace because they’ve got a big black hole in their pocket due to COVID.

“But one should equally remember that in the last nine years, the Sovereign Grant has really gone up and up and up.

“It’s actually gone up by two-thirds in the last nine years and if you look at inflation, inflation has only gone up 20%, so they really have had a rise income in the last decade or so.

“Now it’s sort of flattening out and plateauing so yes, they have a problem but they’ve really had good times for the last nine years or so.”

Back in March Prince Charles caught coronavirus and went into self-isolation in Scotland.

However, he only experienced mild symptoms and swiftly made a full recovery.


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