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Sarah Ferguson snub: Diana’s ’emotionally cruel’ action that destroyed royal bond exposed

Diana, Princess of Wales, was responsible for the breakdown of her friendship with Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, a royal commentator has claimed. Magazine editor Ingrid Seward spoke to Channel 5’s new documentary about the two famous women: ‘Fergie Vs Diana: Royal Wives At War’. The pair were actually distantly related and had been close in their earlier years, something which changed with Ms Ferguson officially joined the Royal Family.

Ms Seward told viewers: “The reason that the friendship failed was entirely Diana.

“This is what Diana did, it was very unique to her.

“No one would believe that you could be great friends and do one thing wrong and then Diana wouldn’t speak to you.

“Diana would be quite emotionally cruel.”

She added: “If someone upset her, she just cut them off. Cut them out of her life.”

According to the documentary, Sarah found herself shut out from her sister-in-law’s life.

Psychologist and relationship coach, Jo Hemmings, said: “There was something about Diana that members of the public found utterly magnetic and were drawn to her.

“We’re always talking about Sarah Ferguson being ‘Fergie’.”

She continued: “We would never have called Lady Diana Spencer, ‘Spencie’.

“That would just never have happened because she wasn’t a ‘Spencie’.

“She was much quieter, much more reserved.”

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The expert added: “Fergie describes her really outgoing, sporty, loud, bubbly nature.”

Ms Seward also told Channel 5: “I think this did start that this did start the jealous reaction in Diana.

“I remember Diana saying to me, ‘well you don’t need me anymore, you’ve got Fergie now’.

“I thought that was a strange thing to say, but she really meant that.

“She felt very sidelined and she knew she couldn’t be as bouncy and as fun.”


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