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‘Liberate them!’ Meghan and Harry fans demand Sussex titles stripped in stunning U-turn

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fans have once again sparked debate among commentators. The royal titles row follows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex urging US citizens to “reject hate speech” and vote in the country’s upcoming presidential election. Jeremy Vine spoke to callers on his Channel 5 show about whether this warranted the couple losing their royal titles.

Christine from the West Midlands said: “If you strip Meghan and Harry of their royal connections, they can have complete freedom of speech.

“They can then go into politics without prejudice.

“Fate works in mysterious ways and perhaps this was always their destination.

“It will liberate them, in my opinion.”

Sophie from London called out the unfair nature of the debate, saying: “I think it’s all a bit hypocritical.

“You’ve got Charles lobbying the Government in 1986 … and there was this rumour that the Queen backed Brexit.

“At the end of the day, Harry has left the Royal Family and got a new role.

“If what they need to be totally free is to lose their titles then maybe they need that or will even ask for it.”

There is due to be a review of the Sussexes’ exit negotiations with the monarchy in 2021.

The 12-month period since they officially stepped down at the end of March has acted as a probationary phase where the door has been left open for both sides.

Although the couple was allowed to keep their royal titles, the review allows for that decision to be revisited.

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Buckingham Palace responded to the election speech: “The Duke is not a working member of the Royal Family and any comments he makes are made in a personal capacity.”

Other Sussex fans shared their opinions with Ioma tweeting: “Don’t get why people are still getting their knickers in a twist over H&M.”

Charlotte Moore added: “I don’t imagine Harry and Meghan care much about the titles either way…they’ve moved on!”

Anne Marchant wrote: “Harry and Meghan have gotten their Netflix deal without the need for HRH or being fully in the Royal Family. They have proven they don’t need the titles.”

Another user said: “Meghan and Harry are living the good life in California. I don’t think they care about titles.”


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