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Prince George receives 23-million-year-old gift from Sir David Attenborough

Sir David visited Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children for an outdoor screening of his latest film. To mark the occasion, Sir David gave Prince George a 23 million-year-old shark tooth he found while he was on vacation.

He explained how came across the fossil during a trip to Malta in the 1960s.

Prince George seemed delighted as he inspected the giant shark tooth.

The Cambridges met the broadcasting legend in the garden while social distancing.

Pictures of the moment show Princess Charlotte smiling while holding her face in surprise.

Prince Louis is seen holding the ancient treasure along with Prince William and his brother George.


Prince George is known to be interested in dinosaurs and fossils.

The Duchess of Cambridge once told children visiting the Natural History Museum that George “loves the T Rex because it’s the noisiest and the scariest.”

But all three children started looking up to Sir David after watching all his TV shows.

She previously told Sir David how they were disappointed to find out they were not meeting him in a previous occasion.

She said: “The children were very upset that we were coming to see you and they weren’t coming, they’re massive fans of yours.”

About the encounter, a Palace aide said: “The children are massive fans of Sir David and this was the first time they had met him, although they have always wanted to.

“So they were absolutely delighted, and you can see from Charlotte’s reaction in the picture how excited she was.

“They were fascinated by the shark tooth and Sir David explained how he had found it, how old it was and how it had been preserved in Malta’s soft yellow limestone.”

After the screening of the 80-minute film, Sir David gave Prince William a copy of the accompanying book.

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The Palace aide said: “The Duke thought it was Sir David’s best documentary yet.

“It is a terrifying look at what we’ve done to the planet and where we are today, but it also offers hope and cause for optimism because if we can act now, and act together, we can turn things around.”

Prince William spoke out about the importance of looking after the environment in an upcoming ITV documentary, Prince William: A Planet For Us All.

The documentary, set to be aired next month, also gives an insight on the Duke’s views on parenthood.

He said he has “always loved nature” but that fatherhood has given him a “new sense of purpose”.

He added: “Now I have got George, Charlotte and now Louis in my life – your outlook does change.

“You want to hand over to the next generation, the wildlife in a much better condition.

“I always believe it is possible to give young people hope and belief that things can get fixed.

I have the belief that if we all work together, we can make a difference.”


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