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Disappointing news Princess Charlotte faced when she went back to school

Like kids up and down the country, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are getting used to a new way of doing things at school in these new Covid-times.

The royal children have returned to the classroom after months of homeschooling from their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

While George and Charlotte were said to be “thrilled” to be reunited with their mates at Thomas’s Battersea, there is one thing they will probably find a bit disappointing about this term.

In line with government guidelines, the private London school has introduced a number of Covid safety measures to keep pupils and teachers and to reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread.

This means that some of their normal lessons have been cancelled – including swimming.

Writing for Vanity Fair, royal expert Katie Nicholl said: “While Kensington Palace did not release any images of the children’s first day back, George who has moved into Year 3 and Charlotte who is in Year 1 are said to be thrilled to be back at school with their friends, even though some activities such as swimming have been suspended.”

Both George and Charlotte are believed to love swimming, and during half term last year families spotted them playing in the pool at a fancy spa near their Norfolk home.

An onlooker claims Kate looked glamorous in a maroon swimsuit and a full face of make-up. She wore her long brown hair up with a hairclip.

The trio were reportedly at the pool for about half an hour, and the kids also practised their diving skills during their trip.

But there was a tearful moment when George went under the water and Kate had to grab him, but it wasn’t long before he was off enjoying himself again.

One of the other guests told Mail Online : “The children were very well behaved and both were practising their diving from the side.

“Kate was organising little races for them and they did it around four or five times. She said “ready, steady go” and did a downward chopping action in the water to indicate the start of the race.”

Cancelling swimming is one of a number of changes Thomas’s has made to keep kids safe, but the Cambridge family have been exempt from one of the other new rules.

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Katie explains: “According to one parent, the school has installed numerous Covid prevention measures and parents now have to drop children at the school gates.

“The Cambridges, however, are still able to drive their children into the school grounds.”

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It’s likely that this is due to security, as the family have personal protection officers with them at all time.

Despite having a nanny and other staff, Kate and William are said to be regulars on the school run and are often spotted by other parents in the playground.

Like most working parents, they have also arranged work duties to fit around the pick up and drop off times.


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