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Prince George warning: The special meaning behind David Attenborough’s gift to George

Sir David Attenborough was a guest at Kensington Palace recently to watch a special viewing of his new documentary with Prince William. Titled A Life on Our Planet, the new documentary serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to take action now to resolve the global climate crisis.

A Life on Our Planet will look back on Sir David’s long career exploring the natural world for more than 60 years.

The documentary will include his first-hand accounts of how dramatically the world has changed over his lifetime, setting out his “witness statement” on the destruction of the environment.

A Life on Our Planet will also explore the solutions to the climate crisis, and the simple steps everyone can take to help the planet recover.

To mark Sir David’s new documentary, he and Prince William were seated in directors chairs at the Palace to watch the documentary together in the open air.

Sir David also met the rest of the Cambridge family, including Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and children Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

And to mark the occasion, Sir David brought along a gift for Prince George with a special meaning.

Sir David decided to give George a giant shark tooth, which he found in Malta during a family holiday in the 1960s.

A tooth from the carcharocles megalodon species, the tooth is millions of years old and belongs to an animal which is now extinct.

The tooth is a fitting reminder of how important it is to look after the planet and protect the futures of species threatened by climate change today.

The climate crisis is a cause close to Prince William’s heart, and it has long been a concern of his father, Prince Charles.

Soon Prince William will also release a documentary with ITV titled Prince William: A Planet For Us All.

In a promotional clip for Prince William’s upcoming documentary, Kate and William also met with Sir David to discuss the need for climate action.

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The documentary was filmed two years ago, and follows Prince William as he searches for solutions to protect the natural world.

Prince William said how his desire to protect the planet stems from his experience of becoming a father.

He said: “Now I have got George, Charlotte and now Louis in my life – your outlook does change.

“You want to hand over to the next generation, the wildlife in a much better condition.”

William added: “I always believe it is possible to give young people hope and belief that things can get fixed.

“I have the belief that if we all work together, we can make a difference.”

Kate also tells Sir David in the clip how disappointed the children were not to meet him at the time, so Prince George was no doubt delighted to get to meet him recently.

The Duchess said: “The children were very upset that we were coming to see you and they weren’t coming. They’re massive fans of yours!”


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