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Lorraine viewers ‘spooked’ after seeing Al Murray with hair in interview

Al Murray shocked Lorraine viewers this morning after turning up to the interview with hair.

The comedian, 52, is best known for his pub landlord skit in which he sloshes beer over the audience and rants as a very sterotypical pub landlord.

Part of his recognisable act sees him don a blazer, tie and shirt as well as a bald head.

So when he appeared on the ITV daytime show today, viewers were stunned to see him with hair and flocked to Twitter to comment.

One tweeted: “Who knew Al Murray really had hair @reallorraine.”

While another commented: “Why am I so shocked at seeing Al Murray with hair.”

A third admitted: “Just seen Al Murray with hair and now a bit spooked.”

“Can’t get over how different Al Murray looks with hair… #lorraine,” another wrote.

One joked: “Al Murray one of the few people to come out of 2020 with more hair, not less.”

Al had appeared on the ITV daytime programme to promote his Bloody Big Pub Quiz to help raise money for blood cancer charity DKMS.

The comedian will be live streaming a virtual pub quiz tonight at 7pm and is hoping to raise £5,000.

*Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV


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