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Local Video Games Sector Inches Toward $1 Billion

With the development in this world, style of living, accessing things, addressing issues and nature of dealing has been changed completely. In the same manner, two decades ago physical activity began to change into room activity. Sports were being replaced with video games and now we are in an arena where 30 percent of population interacts with games on screen and smart phones. This revolution not only changed the style of playing but also affected the economy of man, group of men (software houses) and even took part in making better the economies of countries.

At present there are more than 2 billion users who play games either online or offline all over the world. Merely in 2018,online  purchases during playing games increased to 10 percent and total business touch the highest peak of the time to $160 billion dollars (a figure by Anadolu Agency). This business will go on developing in future and we will take it as most attractive part among different businesses.

Here describes only video games business potential.

Video game industry is the largest growing platform of business. PUBG Games (Overwatch and League of Legends) are most business friendly game among other categories. Pakistani companies are among developing countries are contributing much in this business. Turkish companies are developing video games very fast now days. In Turkey, video games business has touched $1 dollars in 2018 which is the most prominent increase till now.

Investors in the world are now luring towards this gaming business very fast. Most of the experts and CEOs of digital world are gazing in gaming potential and it will groom day by day. In Turkey there are 40 million gamers which is a big number. All stars in the world whether they belong to fashion industry, business tycoons, film stars or sports players their name and characters are being used in video games which make this business more attractive. Every country is developing their stars games as E-Sport team on official basis to commercialize and grow this business.

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