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Learn to Install PUBG Mobile on PC or Laptop

A large number of games are on the lists which are widely played on the Internet. One of the most famous games among these is PUBG Mobile. More than 21 million people play this game as active users daily. It is single player game as well as multiplayer game. Playing in groups with friends and taking challenges is an awesome experience. It is played on smart phones but if you are addicted and easy with keyboard buttons and mouse pads then users can play this on Desktop and laptop systems.

Steps to Install for PUBG Mobile Game

You need an Emulator to download this game. So first download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator on your system. This Emulator is official one from PUBG Mobile and don, t download any other false Emulator because it will be wastage of time and Internet Data. Above mentioned Emulator is of 10 MBs in size and is a beta version still then it will run smoothly. EMULATOR will help you in downloading the necessary files for installation on your PC or Laptop.

After complete download Tencent Gaming Buddy starts in Chinese language. If you want to change the language click on language drop down list and select English and press apply button.

After making all the changes, the gaming emulator will show a PUBG Mobile icon. Click on it and the game will start.

It will then download a few additional files in order to play PUBG on PC or laptop.

By applying above changes PUBG Mobile icon appears. Click this icon and your game starts. Again it will boot up and download some other files and this was the final step of installation. Now you are ready to play game on PC or Laptop. There appears often a popup screen that you cannot play this game with team or friends just close this screen and don’t get worry because there is no such restriction.

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