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Hitman Sniper – About, Gameplay, Trailer and System Requirements

Hitman Sniper video game is played with sniper scope vision. Character Agent 47 does not want to attack the enemy if they leave the buildings and area without any damage and row. The situation becomes interesting and more mysterious when agent 47 has to isolate the targets while other are alert in the compound without alerting nearby. Agent 47 uses shotguns targets to kill them either directly or shoots glass and mirrors in the compound to collectively kill the targets in one shot. There are some other ticks to aim on targets such as distracting the guards by setting up vehicles alarm, running fans to knock enemies off the cliffs and allowing the enemies to get into Jacuzzi. With pinch of fingers on the screen the player zooms in and out rifle scope and taps to fire. Reload button touch starts a quick reload process to reload the gun and other weapons.

Two types of missions are set in the game; one based on killing ten most important targets and other type of mission is to kill the target within given time span by adopting a particular trap and targeting the enemy on head.

By completing different missions the player goes on unlocking the new weapons and powers as reward due to collecting different leaderboard ranking, head shooting and other collectibles from targets. This improves player’s ability to make time passage slow and show off of the enemies on the screen to target them easily. Game purchases are also available by in-game currency to skip the game progress and to avail the powerful weapons.



Requires Android

4.1 and up

iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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