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Princess Charlotte gearing up to step into shoes of senior royal member, new video shows

Princess Charlotte mentioned her newfound love for arachnids in a cute video filmed alongside brothers Prince George and Prince Louis to ask a series of questions to Sir David Attenborough. Royal expert Marlene Koenig told the footage had shown how the young princess resembled her great-aunt Princess Anne. Ms Koenig said: “She’s going to be a tough little cookie.

“She’s going to be…she’s another Princess Anne in the making. She’s going to be a real laugh, they are all going to be.

“I just melted when Prince Louis said ‘animals’.”

Princess Anne has often been praised for her no-nonsense attitude, and commitment to the Royal Family and the duties that come with her role as Princess Royal.

As Charlotte and her brothers have been cared for from similarly no-nonsense nanny Maria Borrallo, the young Cambridge princess is likely to also develop a similar approach as she grows up.

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Charlotte has also shown off her cheeky side over the years, giving paparazzi an amazing shot of her sticking out her tongue at grandad Michael Middleton during a family outing and again while serving as a flower girl during Prince Harry’s wedding.

And like Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will someday be asked to step up in support of her older brother Prince George once he becomes king.

Anne has long been serving under her mother the Queen in several capacities and has repeatedly won the title of hardest-working royal – beating even the Prince of Wales for the position.

While she refused an official title when she married, and again rejected the proposal at the birth of her two children, Anne has been styled HRH The Princess Royal  since 1987.

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The title is usually reserved to the eldest daughter of the monarch and is held for life, meaning Princess Charlotte will not be granted the title until after Anne has died.

But even in that eventuality, Charlotte may still have to wait years before being styled as The Princess Royal as her grand-aunt did – as her predecessor died in 1965 and she only received the title over 20 years later.

However, the young princess may also choose to follow in the footsteps of older generations of royals and forego all titles for herself and her children.

Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex agreed that their two children, despite being direct descendants of a son of the Queen, would not be styled as HRHs.

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The pair signalled they wanted their daughter Lady Louise and son James, the Viscount Severn to have a life away from the public eye, which would not have been possible had they been made royal hignesses.

And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also opted out of the HRH system for their one-year-old son, who is known as Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Independently from any future decision about her titles, Princess Charlotte will still play a prominent role in the coming years as she helps George prepare for the future.

Discussing the role of younger siblings in the lives of the future monarch, author Andrew Morton said: “The job of the royal child with an elder brother or sister is to be supportive.

“So the Prince of Wales, later the Duke of Windsor, was always supported by his sister and his three brothers.

“Elizabeth, now the Queen, was always supported by Princess Margaret.

“There is a kind of unwritten code inside the Royal Family that your job as a sibling is to help share the burden of the monarchy.”


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