How can the elite demand we follow the rules when it’s one set for them and another for us?


OUR march towards an authoritarian Covid state grows ever faster by the day.

Wales will lock down entirely for two weeks despite hard evidence that such a measure is NOT associated with decreased Covid-19 mortality.

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As big brother attempts to track our movement through the NHS test and trace app, the rich and powerful are flaunting Covid rules.[/caption]

Meanwhile, it slipped out quietly over the weekend that police are being given access to your personal data from the NHS test and trace app.

That’s the biggest own goal of the crisis so far – because all it’s going to do is encourage people to delete the app from their phones as quickly as possible.

But as big brother attempts to track our movements to ensure Covid compliance, an altogether more disturbing trend is emerging when it comes to how the rich and powerful are impacted by this virus.

Britain’s elite seem to believe the draconian rules they are imposing on us mere mortals do not apply to them.

It’s becoming the ultimate example of do as I say not as I do.

Jeremy Corbyn was photographed at a dinner party for nine - a clear breach of the 'rule of six'Jeremy Corbyn was forced to issue a grovelling apology after breaking the government’s Rule of Six.

There’s Tony Blair dining out at a posh restaurant after returning from the US, refusing to adhere to the strict 14-day quarantine, just like Kanye West before him.

There’s another former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, flouting the laws all the time, despite the fact he’s in a vulnerable age group.

There’s pious Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who takes great pleasure in preaching to us on a daily basis about the freedoms we need to give up, refusing to answer whether he downed booze in parliament after the 10pm curfew he is enforcing on the hospitality industry.


Matt Hancock loves to preach to us, but has refused to confirm whether he broke his own 10pm curfew.[/caption]

And then there’s the SNP’s shameless Margaret Ferrier who slammed Dominic Cummings for driving with his sick wife and son in a car to seek refuge when he had Covid.

But when she got the virus, Nicola Sturgeon’s close political ally didn’t give a damn about infecting the rest of us. Ferrier refused orders to self-isolate and hopped on a train from London to Scotland.


Shameless Margaret Ferrier of the SNP didn’t give a damn about who she was infecting when she went around freely with Covid.[/caption]

Her justification for doing so was that Covid had clouded her brain.

I’ve had the virus too, Ms Ferrier, and the one thing I was absolutely certain of is that I was not going to set foot outside my front door and pass it on to anyone else.

Have the police taken action? Of course not!

It’s becoming obvious that there is one rule for our leaders and another for folk like us.

Which is going to make it pretty difficult for our political leaders as they try to curb our civil liberties and freedoms with increasingly ridiculous measures not backed up by any science.

There is only one figure that should be dominating the headlines today.

Official statistics have shown that at least 26,000 poor souls have died at home since the March lockdown – because they wouldn’t or couldn’t go to hospital.

That’s the true cost of these ongoing lockdowns and, if we continue with our current policy approach, it’s only going to get worse.


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