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Princess Eugenie snub: Devastating reaction to engagement amid pregnancy

Eugenie and Jack have been back in the headlines recently after announcing they are expecting their first child together, who is due to be welcomed to the world in early 2021. As a result of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s withdrawal from Royal Family life, the spotlight has moved to less senior Windsors, with Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice both stepping up. But despite the goodwill surrounding the 30-year-old’s pregnancy announcement, throwback reports show that her husband’s grandma, Joanna Newton, was surprised Jack had been able to marry such an important figure.

Speaking after they confirmed their engagement two years ago, the then-91-year-old said she was “over the moon” but baffled.

She said: “I’m thrilled about it.

“It’s amazing. I would never have thought for a moment that it was going to happen and we are all very happy.

“I never thought he would get married to a royal. He’s a charming boy and all that but not the most intelligent and I would never have thought this would happen.

“I just never thought it would go this far with her being a member of the Royal Family. But Jack has always had lovely manners and has always been a good egg.

“I would call him ordinary, I wouldn’t say there is anything special about him, he’s a good-looking, nice chap and I think it says a lot about Eugenie that it’s him she wants and it’s lovely.”

Jack proposed to Eugenie in January 2018, and the pair initially had their eyes set on a September wedding, but as a result of prior engagements from senior Royal Family figures, it was eventually moved to October.

That year marked a spectacular 12 months for the Royal Family, as Eugenie and Jack were joined by Harry and Meghan in getting married, creating a wave of excitement surrounding the Windsors.

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Mrs Newton said: “It will be down in Windsor and it will be in October.

“I do know that they’re now not going to get married in September. He (Jack) said ‘We can’t get married in September now so we will have to get married in October’.

“They ([the Royal Family] have got something else going on then I think so they couldn’t. So he (Jack) just said that if they can’t get married in September they will have to get married in October.”

She told the MailOnline when asked if she would attend the wedding: “Of course I shall be going to the wedding, I’m granny. It’s very exciting because I’m a massive fan of the royals and it will be lovely to meet them.

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“I don’t see why it should rival Meghan and Harry’s wedding.”

An outpouring of goodwill was directed to Eugenie and Jack after they announced their pregnancy, nine years after they first met.

And with the nation waiting patiently for the baby’s arrival, attention has turned to what they will likely call the newborn child.

Bookmaker Coral has made Arthur a 4-1 favourite if the baby is a boy, while Victoria is a 5-1 favourite should the newborn be a girl.


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