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Meghan Markle praised for congratulating a police chief during impassioned speech

Meghan has been publicly thanked by Virginia’s Norfolk Police Department four months after she mentioned acts of solidarity carried out by officers in the height of the Black Lives Matter protests this summer. Speaking in June to the graduating class of 2020 at her former high school, the Immaculate Heart in Los Angeles, the Duchess of Sussex touched upon the protests sparked after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. 

She recalled her own memories from the 1992 riots in LA as well as the acts of kindness and solidarity spurred in the midst of the BLM marches.

Meghan said: “I remember the curfew and I remember rushing back home and on that drive home, seeing ash fall from the sky, and smelling the smoke, and seeing the smoke billow out of the buildings, and seeing people running out of buildings carrying bags and looting.

“The other thing, though, that I do remember about that time, was how people came together.

“We are seeing that right now. We are seeing that from the sheriff in Michigan or the police chief in Virginia. 

“We are seeing people stand in solidarity.

“We are seeing communities come together and to uplift.”

Four months after that speech, the police department in Norfolk named “the police chief” mentioned by Meghan and thanked the Duchess of acknowledging his leadership.

In a series of tweets, the police department wrote: “Thank you Meghan Markle for recognising #NorfolkPD Chief Larry D. Boone’s leadership and willingness to support the communities desire to be heard during demonstrations in #NorfolkVA.   

“We are grateful for the example Chief Boone has set for upcoming leaders in the law enforcement profession.”

Royal watchers were happy to read praises for Meghan following her impassioned speech.

One Twitter user, Bon Latino, replied to the department’s tweets saying: “Thank YOU for sharing this so that more citizens will know of Meghan’s support as well as Chief Boone’s sterling traits.

“America needs more like the Chief and the Duchess!” 

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Another, S Bonnet, wrote: “That is truly Meghan.

“She never forgets to point out the ones that give light and hope in dark times. Thank you for your service!”

A third, Djen, added: “This is who Meghan Markle is”.

In late May, a few days after the death of Mr Floyd, Chief Boone marched alongside protesters in Virginia. 

Promising to start a dialogue with protesters, Chief Boone said: “I want to meet with each and every one of you if we can work together…All policemen, folks, aren’t bad.”

He also praised protesters in Norfolk for keeping their marches peaceful, saying: “You’ve shown the world how it’s done.”

Chief Boone openly took the side of Mr Floyd and his family in the wake of his death.

He said: “The officer with his knee on his neck should be terminated, should be fired, should be charged with murder. 

“The officers standing around should be fired, should be terminated, should be charged with murder.

“My thoughts go out to that family. I know the community is sick and tired of this kind of behaviour from some officers.”

The police chief also sent out a memo to his officers reminding them to use correct procedures during arrests.

He also pledged he would open an investigation as soon as someone claimed police officers in his department acted against the protocol.    


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