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Meghan Markle will never be ‘snubbed’ by Queen due to special royal connection

Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers: William and Harry — The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, has spoken out about why the Queen was more willing to remain in good terms with Meghan than with Diana. When Diana left the Royal Family, the Queen’s main worry was to look after her grandsons’ wellbeing according to the author.

In addition to this, Mr Lacey claimed she and Prince Philip “had long ceased being fans of their ex-daughter-in-law.”

When it comes to Meghan, the Monarch sees the potential to modernise the Firm.

Mr Lacey told SheKnows: “There’s a political sense…in which the queen welcomed her as a first mixed race recruit to the Royal Family.

“And so it must be distressing for the Queen that 30 months later, this recruit and her son Archie are no longer classed as royal. They’ve been suspended from the royal family.”

He added: “If everybody welcomed Meghan as a sign of the royal family’s contact with Black Lives Matter and racial progress and harmony in this country, what does it mean when they’re separate from the Royal Family?”

The royal author said Her Majesty remains closer to Meghan than she was to Diana because of her greater emotional closeness with Harry than Prince Charles.

He told SheKnows: “There’s a sense in which the queen is closer emotionally to William and Harry than she is to her own sons.

“Whenever she’s been with Meghan, she’s exhibiting the most cordial, outgoing affection for her.

“We know that’s what she feels for Harry. We can presume that she will welcome anybody who makes her grandson happy.”

But according to Mr Lacey, the Sussexes are critics of the royal life because of more than how Meghan was treated.

He claimed that Harry has always had a difficult relationship with the Palace due to being the second-born.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: “The Palace got this very wrong, as it always does with the second-born.

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“They always treat the second-born badly, not to say cruelly.

“It happened with Princess Margaret. It happened with Prince Andrew. It’s the classic heir and the spare thing.

“They just don’t know what to do with the spare.

“And they certainly didn’t know what to do with the spare’s wife.”

Meghan’s arrival to the Royal Family only deepened the palace’s will to preserve tradition by “sticking together”.

Mr Lacey said: “What you’ve got to realise is that the whole strategy of the monarchy was based on them sticking together.

“Meghan changed all that. She is difficult.

“She has an incredible and dangerous level of self-belief.

“There is only one self-made millionaire in the Royal Family and that is Meghan Markle.

“If they had sat down with her at the start and said, ‘Let’s talk about the things you are interested in,’ things might have been different.”


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