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The Sun: Origin About – Gameplay, Trailer and System Requirements

The sun origin is a survival shooting game whose background leads the world to destruction in 2050 by an energy slap to our earth from space. This destruction would continue for decades of centuries. Our world scientists had foreseen it and warned again and again to world leaders but they did not pay attentions to these warnings.

As consequence of hit of this energy wave, the earth was surrounded by massive dangerous radioactive particles and waves causing the whole atmosphere carcinogenic. This wave leads people to death. Some of the people who paid heed to scientists warnings survived by Managing underground shelters and bunkers.

When shortage of food, water and supplies arose, people came out of their shelters; they saw that world was wiped out of their culture and civilization. Those places where water and supplies survived were occupied by the warlords. Now one rule was implemented and rule was bullet and gun of warmongers.

When this cruelty spreads a legend Raven emerged who came forward and determined to free his people from this misery and take back the areas from warlords and proved himself a true legend.

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