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Monaco bombshell prison revelation as inmates ‘treated like royalty’

Monaco is one of the richest regions on the planet. Some 30 percent of the population are millionaires. Monegasque, meanwhile, the country’s native population, enjoy equally good living standards, with state subsidies on rent and guaranteed work in the pricey and well-paying principality.

Monaco’s royal family is attributed with keeping the region alive and wealthy, with Prince Rainier III – the “builder Prince” – having transformed the country in the Fifties.

Now, his son and heir, Prince Albert, rules over the region.

The country has so much wealth and a lack of criminals that it is able to spend considerable amounts on its high-security facilities and prisons.

Monaco’s prison is built on the coast with stunning views of the beach and Mediterranean Sea.

During the documentary ‘Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich’ the BBC had access to the prison.

They arrived as the chefs were dishing out lunch.

As the documentary’s narrator, Fred Sirieix, explained: “And the lunch is in true Monaco style.”

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The chefs reeled off the menu that day: pasta with entrecôte steak, with starters of bruschetta with tomato and Emmental cheese.

The head chef said: “When we make them good things, then they’re more calm.

“It can happen that if they have something they don’t like, they’re more angry.


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“This is their only pleasure of the day.”

The prison has a maximum of 70 places in 35 cells – a comparatively spacious facility compared to others found in the West.

At the time of filming, the prison was only half full.

In the women’s cells, inmates are privy to views of the sea.

A prison warden said: “It’s amazing for when people are here, they can see this view, because in prison they don’t see anything.”

The prison’s governor is said to enjoy even better views than Prince Albert himself.

When asked about this, Jean-Yves Gambarini laughed and said: “No, that’s not possible!”

Monaco has one of the most extensive CCTV systems in the world.

It gives its main police quarters a real-time view of nearly every street in order to scupper any illegal activity immediately.

Monaco’s legal code is also incredibly strict, with several old and peculiar laws potentially landing you in prison.

Walking down the street barefoot can get you into serious trouble, as well as walking without a shirt.

You’re also not allowed to drive or park a camper van in the principality.

Monaco Police’s Lieutenant Guillaume Deken explained that “it’s an old law, I don’t know it’s origins”.


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