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Meghan Markle and Harry ultimatum: ‘Time to stop talking and start working’ – expert

Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, have maintained a strong public presence despite stepping away from the royal spotlight. The couple quit the Royal Family and resettled in the USA in March and in recent months have taken part in a wide range of virtual engagements from their living room in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

Last week the couple undertook one of their most notable engagements yet as they co-hosted a talk on “Engineering a Better World” for Time Magazine’s Time 100 talk series.

They were interviewed by Time Magazine’s editor-in-chief as part of the appearance and shared their views on social media use – understood to be a key focus of their new non-profit venture Archewell.

An official launch of Archewell was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now seems unlikley to happen.

Instead, the foundation’s website went live last week and fans can now find regular updates on Harry and Meghan’s work.

Key topics Meghan and Harry have touched upon since moving away from the royal bubble include tackling racism, mental health and changing the way people interact on social media.

While the couple has carried out some face to face engagements since their royal stepdown, most of their meetings have been virtual.

One royal expert has claimed the couple will need to act soon to “instigate the changes that they have called for on their chosen issues”.

The Sussexes ruffled some feathers when they urged Americans to vote in the upcoming US election – meddling in politics is usually off-limits for Royal Family members.

However, as non-working royals, they also have more freedom to express their views on controversial topics.

Addressing the reception the Sussexes’ recent work has received and their future plans, The Telegraph’s acting royal editor Victoria Ward wrote: “They have been carefully curating this foundation since January when they first landed in North America.

“In stark contrast to the sudden appearance of their ill-fated Sussex Royal website, which took everyone, not least the Royal Family, by surprise earlier this year, this was a much softer launch.

“There was no glitzy unveiling and no dramatic information drop.”

Ms Ward added: “Instead, the name of the foundation will gradually be heard more often.

“Towards the end of the year and into the next, detail about their work and future plans will slowly be released.”

The expert warned Harry and Meghan will “have to tread carefully” going forward.

She added: “After all, the couple have a careful line to tread.

She wrote: “It was reported this week that the Duchess was “shocked” by the criticism after they released a video urging US citizens to vote.

“But surely neither of them were that surprised that the move prompted a sharp intake of breath from royal family members and courtiers who now have no idea where this couple are headed and crucially, no control over it either.

“What is clear is that soon, the Sussexes will have to move away from talking and start working to instigate the changes that they have called for on their chosen issues.”

Ms Ward concluded by saying: “It will be no small feat.”


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