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U.S. , China and Japan’s Video Games Industry Data and Stats for 2020

Video Games Industrial Leaders in the World

United States of America’s Video Gaming Data, Facts and Figures


When we talk about technology, digital media and gaming markets, we notice that this entire market is developing and progressing day by day and keep on rising with every passing minute. People are luring towards this business very fast and investing a lot. Among all the worldwide markets, US statistics and numbers are great than all other countries. In all over the world United States population is most involved in playing video games and hence investors intend to grow their business in America and want to target American audience. In 2015 the video gaming industry in all over the world was round about 180 billion dollars and the pace it is growing will touch revenue of 2.5 trillion in next 2 to 3 years. If we talk about regional interest and revenues, Asia and America alone generate revenue of 130 billion dollars making a 75 percent of world. Video gaming involves mobile games, PC games, and social games, single and multiplayer gaming games. All these games have a great share in digital markets revenues and will grow more when more businessmen come to compete this gaming industry of the world.

American Games Revenue Data

Now we talk about numbers of U.S. data. Online gamers in Unites States are more than 50 million and the revenue share from this audience is more than 30 billion U.S. dollars. An average of 5 hours’ time is spent by video games in United States according to recent survey. Most games played in this part of world is League of Legends, World of Tanks,Warcraft and Crossfire.

Video Gaming Industrial Leaders:

Video Games Industrial Leaders in the World

Incoming investors are also firing the currently working game developing forums to establish their business. These game developing clubs and platforms include Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. These platforms know how to develop most suspense games to show down the competitors in the world. America and China are the most famous countries if we talk about competition in this industry. They want to defeat each other in artificial intelligence each other by creating more suspense and interest in the video games stories, themes, controls and tricks. Japan is the 3rd country which is leading this industry more efficiently.

Video Gaming Devices and Operating Systems:

There are different video gaming devices and operating systems which are being used and developing in the market. Among all devices, mobile phones are widely used to play games online or offline and the operating systems are iOS and android. With the passage of time mobile phone usage increased greatly in last 10 years and hence applications developed based games dominated on PC browser based games and U.S. followed and lead this trend in the world too.

China’s Video Gaming Data, Facts and Figures

China is competing U.S. in video game industry in a well manner and have attracted audience toward itself with big video game developing platforms in a very short period of time. When China started to grow this industry Japan and United States were far ahead to China with better video game and media studios. China has advantage over these two countries due to the home market of 500 million video game players and generated over 25 billion dollars 2017 which is 1/4th of the revenue of the global world. Due to greater number of mobile phone users and players China was able to compete the United States and Japan and now China is dominating these two giant countries with greater number of player and revenue. Now China is the leading champion in gaming industry in world with a revenue of more than 36 billion dollars.

Top Video Games in China:

Shooting games are most popular in China such as Player Unkown;s Battlegrounds and Honor of Kings having more than 10 million daily users and still there is great potential for its growth and it will multiply many times in the coming years.

Chinese Deal with Big Video Game Developing Studios

China has signed big deals with Ubisoft, Douyu and Shanda game developers and has also invested to Tencent. This step is to enhance and grow business locally and also to compete western world, Japan and North American Market. Tencent is such a large and popular company which has developed more than 150 video games and knows how to market and create interest and attract audience all over the world to Chinese market.

Japan’s Video Gaming Data, Facts and Figures

Japan is one of the giant markets in the world lagging behind China and United States. Japan’s local market contains a players of 70 million. Japan has set its own preferences for different gaming platform. Games on PC, android and iOS. Japan prevailed over Asian markets due to all time famous studios like Sony, Nintendo and sega which are situated within the country. Japan has fully took advantage of this platforms and played a vital role in generating the revenue for its country and set a standard which is very difficult to compete and being 3rd most generating revenue country in the world demands seriousness. This industry has grown significantly in 2016 and multiplied its revenue two times.


All the facts and figures narrated in this blogpost may vary a little bit because these numbers are changing with every passing moment but by rounding off the figures these are correct and investors are following the same stats to target their audience. For reference visit this link U.S, China and Japan’s Video Gaming Industry and for more valuable information visit gameschowk.

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