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Top 5 Games’ News and Reviews Websites of 2019

A lot of video games are being developed at this time and a large number of video games are live and launched and being played by users. Problem arises at the time of their chosen. Which game you should download and play within your available time. For example you type a game niche and search in play store or any other platform, search engine shows you a large number of games to download. When you click on a game, it also displays total downloads, rating of that game and reviews by users. But that is a limited scope of its judgment. There are also other platforms like game news and reviews websites which give a comprehensive review for all new users about merits and demerits of the game to be downloaded and played.

Play stores results show only the user experience of the gameplays but now a days people don’t need only gameplay reviews. They demand their social merits and effects of playing games on the society and if children are playing games what they will learn from these games or they will get only wastage of time and money. This is the trend which has been set now and it was needed too.

Now there are also many websites which give reviews about games and they guide you well too. This gaming review sector has faced too a lot of problems during past years. They have changed their way of explaining according to the required standards of people. recommends you to visit reviewing websites and read their articles to choose quality video games to play.

Here we are giving a list of top 5 game review websites of 2019 that will help you in 2020 and you should must visit for a complete guide of a specific game.



Destructoid is owned by Yanier Niero Gonzalez and offers free of cost registration and contains multi-author format for people to contribute in blog. Destrcutoid has 6 categories named homepage, topics, popular, community blogs and videos. Daily average posts numbers on this website is 50 articles. They have a broader network for authentic news and reviews. The main thing which is liked us the most, they did not give review very soon after a game is launched. They observe all of a game features, effect aspects and then publish article about a game which makes it more reliable. For this credible policy and work this website has been awarded many times for video games coverage.

Games Radar+:


GamesRadar+ is a very big platform of video games new and reviews. It was owned by Future Publishing in 2014 and in the same year it bought websites like Computer and video games, Edge, SFX and total film and then changed its own name as GamesRadar+. The most prominent of this website is negative scoring of games. It talks more about the negative points of game rather than good things and that is more beneficial for the game developer as well as audience and users of the game. Now this site has included a new category of TV. It has main categories of News, Gaming Deals,  Guides, Reviews, PS4, Xbox, Switch, Holiday Guide 2019 and Magazines. Magazines has further subcategories Movies, Total Films, TV, Retro Films, Edge, Official Box, Official Playstation and SFX.


GameInformer is a video game magazine publishing from America. It includes video game articles, video game reviews and video game news. This magazine was launched in 1991 and now it is one of the most popular magazines in the world. It represents its game reviews on different gaming platforms such as PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, Playstation Vita,PS VR and PS4. This website gives reviews about a game in points. Its standard has 10 points in total. First category has total 5 points. If a game gets 1-5 points is labeled as terrible or bad. 6-7 points means an average rating and 10 points are rarely given and is labeled as ‘outstanding’.


Metacritic is an authentic website which gives reviews about Films, music albums, video games and books. The good thing about its reviews is the standard which they have set for reviewing games. Reviews are based on monthly and annual sales, company financial and production figures. Demand of the copies of video games reflects its futures fame and business conditions. Games’ potential sales are also checked now by some experts as an indicator from this website. This website give reviews scores in percentages. Metacritic has main categories of New Releases, Coming Soon, Best Games, Publications, Publisher, Trailers and Reports.

Nintendo Life:

Nintendo Life

Nintendo life is the top gaming new website for Nintendo users. It give reviews about Nintendo Switch and 3DS. It presents users best reviews, news, guides and features. It has created forum which connects its users to get best solutions of game problems. It is a complete guide for Nintendo players.

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