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Naomi Campbell Feels Devastating After The Death Of Crucial Personality For African People

British supermodel Naomi Campbell has posted a new photo series on her Instagram account to share her feelings after the death of Peter Beard, who is an American photographer.

Yesterday, Peter Beard passed away at the age of 82 and the official reports confirmed that he died from Dementia. If we look at the importance of Peter, he has done a lot of major things for African people by taking their unforgettable photos.

Since the 1960s, Peter’s photos showed off the little-known casual life of African people, especially the people of Kenya, in a really stunning way.

Today, Naomi took to social media to send her condolences to the family of Peter. She also wrote an open letter to describe her feelings about him.

Here’s what she wrote:

“With a heavy heart, I write this. My condolences to Najma and Zara and loved ones of Peter Beard, you were visionary in so many ways and your energy was always electrifying and uplifting.. creative, witty, humanitarian, trickster, Hansom, dreamer and animal lover oh and hilarious.

Thank you for sharing with us the beauty of Africa, Kenya, opening our hearts mind souls, discovering our queen Iman. I will always remember our last trip to Malindi Kenya when you looked at me while laying in the pool with a table about ten handwritten letters around you, saying.

I love your Africa! I will always love and hold you close In my heart. Rest In Peace with Highest Peter Beard ♥️”

You can see the Instagram post of Naomi below.


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