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Kim Kardashian Reveals The Special Thing She Did For Her Children

Fashion icon and social media personality, Kim Kardashian West, has tweeted out a new photo of her daughter, Chicago West, on her verified Twitter account and revealed the best thing she did for her children.

As we all know, Kim Kardashian is a great parent as well as being a business person. She always tries to do everything for her children and makes them happy. She’s a great mother who is thinking about the smallest details of her children’s needs.

In the tweet, Kim said that she organized all the pictures on her phone and made folders for each of her children. Most of the followers stopped in the comment section to show their reactions to her behavior.

Here’s the tweet:

“The best thing I’ve been doing is organizing all of the pictures on my phone and making folders for each of my children.”

A Twitter user named kkwstyle2017 wrote:

“Chi-Chi with the choker. Cute!”

Another fan named kanyewestaurant wondered and asked:

“Did you make a Kanye folder? 🙏🏼”

Check out the Twitter post below.


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