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Chip And Joanna Gaines Pregnant With A Baby Girl?

Are Chip and Joanna Gaines having a sixth child? That’s the claim made by a tabloid this week. Gossip Cop has looked into it and here’s what we’ve found out.

In the latest issue of In Touch, the outlet contends the Fixer Upper couple has a baby on the way and they found out the gender on Joanna’s 42nd birthday earlier this week. According to the magazine, this news comes at a great time for the couple, as everything else has been put on hold for the time being, like everyone else.

The tabloid quotes a supposed source as saying, “The coronavirus has them all cooped up. It’s forced them to stop all production on all the new shows for their Magnolia Network, which they’ve been excited about,” adding, “Everything’s on hold.” But, the tabloid asserts, “some things just can’t wait.” The dubious source says Joanna “got the best present ever! She and Chip are having another baby.”

The family, according to the unreliable publication, got an envelope from their doctor with the gender of the supposed baby. The tipster claims, “On Jo’s birthday, they decided to open it and share the news with their five kids,” before exclaiming, “They found out it’s a girl!” The tabloid then goes on to recap what the family has been up to since having their fifth child two years ago and concludes with the so-called “source” saying, “Chip and Jo never thought they’d be lucky enough to have six kids, let alone afford them all, but they’re blessed that they can. This is going to be the best year ever for the family.”

So, that’s a lot of details about the baby, the gender reveal, and the family’s plans. But there’s just one problem: the story is completely bogus. The home improvement gurus love their big family, but there isn’t an addition on the way. The tabloid has completely invented the story. Gossip Cop checked in with the Gaines’ official spokesperson who strongly denied the story, telling us the story is “Completely false,” and adding, “I would’ve gladly told [In Touch] that if they bothered to reach out for comment before running to print with fiction.”

In true tabloid fashion, this is actually just a rehash of a phony report the same outlet printed just four months ago. That bogus cover story alleged the family found out on Christmas that a sixth baby was on the way. Are we to expect every holiday and birthday the family celebrates will include a gender reveal? The tabloid should get some new material because this false narrative is played out. Of course, Gossip Cop busted that story in January as well.

It’s also worth noting that In Touch’s sister publication Life & Style also ran with this nonsensical premise last October, a contention Gossip Cop also busted at the time. Who knows what the future holds for Chip and Joanna Gaines, maybe they will add to their brood at some point, but it’s not happening this year.


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