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Truth About Kaley Cuoco Divorcing Karl Cook After Two Years Of Marriage

Since Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s 2018 wedding, tabloids have openly speculated that their marriage is hanging on the brink. These disreputable outlets have used every excuse in the book for why the couple is allegedly considering divorce. Gossip Cop saw these claims so often, we decided to compile our best busts.

Just a month after the two were married, the Globe claimed Cuoco’s shoulder surgery was hurting her marriage. The Big Bang Theory actress had surgery done on her shoulder days after her wedding, which was apparently already causing problems for the newlyweds. “She’s constantly barking orders at him to get her cookies and tea or whatever else she wants,” a so-called “insider” told the outlet. “So far, marriage has been all about Kaley! Karl must be wondering what he got himself into.”

Gossip Cop found this story to be absolutely false. During Cuoco’s recovery time, she and Cook both uploaded numerous videos and photos of themselves spending time together. There was clearly no animosity between spouses.

In November 2018, not even six months after Cuoco’s wedding, Star reported that the actress was more focused on the last season of Big Bang Theory than her husband. “It’s a huge problem,” the outlet’s tipster tattled, “The only time she pays him any attention is on the weekend, when they go see their horses, which is just about the only thing they have in common. Kaley is all business the rest of the time.” This, of course, was absolutely untrue.

Cuoco’s own Instagram account showed just how wrong this story was. She had recently posted a photo of herself and Cook walking to a photoshoot with the caption, “Work on a Sunday is more than fine when the hubs is with me… not sure he would say the same lol.” That doesn’t sound like a couple squabbling over a work/life balance. Gossip Cop determined this story totally bogus.

Almost a year later, Life & Style claimed Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook were divorcing. This article was solely based on Cuoco’s comment that she and Cook didn’t live together. “One of the reasons why Kaley doesn’t live with Karl is because they clash over just about everything,” an alleged source told the outlet. “They have very different personalities.”

Gossip Cop reached out to our own source in Cuoco’s camp who told us the story was completely false. Furthermore, the couple didn’t live separately because they “clash over” everything. The spouses were building their dream home and enjoying their independence. Just because they didn’t live together doesn’t mean there was strife in their marriage. The couple has since moved in together, but only changed the narrative slightly.

Most recently, Woman’s Day reported Cuoco’s marriage to Cook was a “ticking time bomb.” The disreputable outlet alleged the spouses were “at war” with each other after moving into their newly constructed home together. “This marriage is a ticking time bomb. Moving in together is only going to set it off,” a so-called “insider” told the magazine. Gossip Cop begged to differ. Cuoco had posted multiple videos and photos to Instagram featuring the couple hanging out. It’s obvious to see that they’re still having fun with each other. These tabloids have no insight into this couple at all.

Tabloids often focus on Cuoco since she was part of the hit CBS sitcom, Big Bang Theory. After the show ended, OK! claimed Cuoco was planning to have a baby. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who informed us this story was untrue.


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