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LeBron James Mocks Shaquille O’Neal For His Basketball Skills In Brilliant Way

Former Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal has posted a hilarious photo of himself by exposing his past and current appearance on his official Instagram account and showed how Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James excitingly mocked of him.

Shaq took to Instagram to prove that he once had hair by sharing his old photo. In the photo, he said that he was wondering how he loses so much hair in a short period. Also, the picture is including a funny comment made by LeBron James.

In the comment, LeBron claimed that Shaq had lost one strand of hair whenever he missed a free throw. As we all know, Shaquille O’Neal has a career 52.7% free throw percentage, and this statistic is one of the worst percentages in NBA history. LeBron’s hilarious comment broke the internet.

Later on, Shaq reacted to LeBron’s comment and left a caption by stating that his longing to his hair.

Here’s what Shaq captioned:

“Bout to get that glue on jammie. I need this hair back.”

Professional dunker Jordan Kilgannon commented and wrote:

“Fucked up, lol.”

The official Instagram page of Rap TV said:

“Absolutely savage.”

Check out the Instagram photo below.


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