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Vikings Star Alexander Ludwig Makes Smile With His New Self-Quarantine Photo

Vikings and The Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig has shared a hilarious photo of himself with his dog and cat on his official Instagram account and broke his silence about the self-quarantine days he’s living with them.

The famous actor had not revealed any images about his self-quarantine days on social media yet but she broke his silence with a cute photo. Today, he posted a photo while he was having a great time with his buddies on Instagram and showed off what he is doing in the quarantine days.

This post reached more than 150k likes and his followers wrote a lot of funny comments about this photo. His followers remember to smile thanks to his cute photo.

Here’s what he wrote with it:

“Quarantine Buddies.”

A user named Paul Swan commented:

“The flow is absolutely majestic.”

Another user named Rachael Bolt wrote this:

“The best kind of buddies.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.


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