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Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Adopting A Baby Boy After A Rough Patch?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are adopting a son together, according to one report. The couple supposedly tried to conceive on their own, but they’ve chosen adoption after being unable to do so. Gossip Cop found the story to be a little sketchy, so we did an investigation of our own.

“Baby Joy For Nicole & Keith!” shouts the latest issue of the Globe. According to the magazine, the “brave” Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are going to adopt a baby boy after failing to conceive a child of their own through IVF treatments.

“Nicole was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to get pregnant after many years of trying and going through IVF,” an unnamed source tells the outlet. Kidman gave birth to her eldest daughter, while a surrogate delivered their second child. The anonymous insider says that Urban approached his wife one day and said, “Why don’t we adopt?”

“Nicole has always thought adoption was a beautiful way to create and expand a family, and there are so many children in need of a good home,” the source says. “They’re looking for a boy from newborn age to three years old.” Additional anonymous sources say that Keith Urban’s “been desperate to have a son — so this is the logical way to do it!”

The magazine argues that Nicole Kidman’s experience adopting two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, as well as her time playing an adoptive mother in the film Lion, sealed the deal for the actress. The Globe then refers to its previous coverage of the couple’s “rough patch” due to their busy schedules in 2019. However, it says that the couple have “patched things up” after Kidman paused her career.

“Spending quality time together has brought Nicole and Keith closer together than ever before,” the original anonymous tipster concludes. “They can’t wait to have a son, and Sunday and Faith are thrilled that they’re going to have a little brother, too!”

Here’s what’s really going on with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s plans for their family

There are a few things wrong with the story. For one, Nicole Kidman has said in multiple interviews over the past few years that while she and her husband would probably have more children if they’d met earlier in their lives, they’re content with their family as it is now. She’s even joked about Keith Urban being “maxed out” with their current brood. If the outlet’s supposed insider with the family was legitimate, you’d think they’d know how little the couple wants to add to their family.

The other problem with this article is the fact that it’s half based on the fact that Kidman once played an adoptive mother in a movie from four years ago. She also starred in Paddington, but she isn’t hosting a precocious baby bear. Our guess is that a writer for the Globe recently watched Lion while stuck in quarantine like the rest of us and thought it’d be a good rumor to make up.

It’s also worth mentioning that the outlet’s previous “reporting” about the couple’s rough patch was provably false. We debunked it when it was originally published in October. To recap, Nicole Kidman’s had a bevy of projects in the works for the past year, and although they’re all probably up in the air at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, they’re evidence that she hasn’t “taken a break” from Hollywood. Plus, Kidman’s own rep dismissed the story outright.

While the outlet pats itself on the back for its bogus rough patch story, it oddly enough ignores its more recent piece about the couple. Just a few weeks ago, the publication published an article claiming that Nicole Kidman was deathly afraid of her husband relapsing while on tour. Of course, it doesn’t make sense for a couple to fight about a relapse just before agreeing to adopt a child, so the outlet ignores its own words to push this narrative. If an outlet can’t even keep track of what it said less than two months ago, how can it be trusted to report anything even remotely believable?

All that being said, we still wanted to be sure with this adoption claim. We reached out to Keith Urban’s spokesperson, who summed up the Globe’s entire publication history with his answer: “Whatever they report, you can pretty much assume is [made-up].”


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