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What You Don’t Know About The Steve Harvey Divorce Rumors

Tabloids are kind of like teenagers, in that they often go through phases. In 2018, for example, the National Enquirer went through a phase in which it continually insisted that Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie, were on the brink of divorce. Gossip Cop busted all of those stories, and the phase eventually ended. Today, let’s look back at some of the most ridiculous rumors that the unreliable magazine attempted to push about the media mogul and his wife.

The fictitious saga began in early July 2018, with the National Enquirer publishing an article claiming that Steve Harvey was embroiled in “$400 million divorce drama” over Kris Jenner. According to the publication, Marjorie had “walked out” on her husband because he was “getting too close” to the matriarch of the Jenner-Kardashian clan. “There’s no way she was going to put up with Steve hanging around a man-eater like Kris,” a supposed source told the tabloid. Gossip Cop dismissed the rumor: Not only had the Harveys just celebrated their 11-year anniversary a few days earlier, Jenner is a good friend to both Steve and Marjorie. The story was a pure fabrication.

And yet, a couple weeks later, the tabloid continued to push the narrative of Harvey’s $400 million divorce because of Jenner. Even though Gossip Cop had already debunked the ridiculous story, the Enquirer published almost the exact same story (which had initially been published in print) online. It offered no new evidence, and it was clearly just a weak attempt at driving more traffic to the tabloid’s website with clickbait.

A few days after that, the Enquirer’s copycat website, Radar Online, “reported” that Steve Harvey was “pampering” his wife while on vacation “amid divorce rumors.” The site was obviously trying to backtrack from its transparent lies earlier in the month, framing the couple as happy “despite negative rumors surrounding their marriage.” Steve and Marjorie “showed no signs of marital troubles as they vacationed,” as if they ever had any troubles. What the gossip blog failed to mention, of course, was that the two publications were the ones responsible for initiating these divorce rumors, which Gossip Cop had already shot down as completely false.

The Enquirer went quiet on Steve and Marjorie Harvey for a while after that, at least until May 2019 when it claimed that the couple were headed for a $200 million divorce. Kris Jenner, who had played such an integral role in the fake divorce saga of the previous year, was entirely dropped from the narrative. Instead, a questionable source alleged, the recent cancellation of Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show had left him “struggling” to support the “lavish” demands of his wife and children. “Marjorie would never allow herself to be pushed around. Money talks and her man had better provide,” the source told the tabloid. “And when the money’s gone, she’s gone too!”

Gossip Cop found the story pretty suspicious, as the show’s cancellation didn’t appear to be the career-ruiner the tabloid made it out to be. Furthermore, a year later, the couple were still married. It’s apparent the tabloid simply didn’t care if it was caught making up lie after lie about Steve Harvey and his wife.


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