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Truth About Angelina Jolie Adopting A Seventh Child

Angelina Jolie is the subject of many false reports about her personal life. One common claim the tabloids made was that Jolie was adopting a seventh child. However, that has not happened. Gossip Cop busted several of these inaccurate claims. Here are the five times the tabloids were wrong about Jolie adopting a seventh child.

The first bust on our list occurred in April 2019, when Heat falsely claimed Brad Pitt was “furious” about Jolie adopting again. The bogus magazine alleged Jolie “desperately wanted to have another child, and is already actively working with an adoption agency to make it happen.” A so-called source claimed Pitt was “fuming” over this decision “because he feels like this is just another ploy from Ange to push him further out of the picture.” The publication’s narrative was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop checked with sources from both Jolie and Pitt’s camps who assured us the story was untrue.

Months later, RadarOnline incorrectly stated Jolie was adopting a baby after her son, Maddox, left to go to college. An alleged insider told the website, the actress was in “anguish”, after her son’s departure that she was looking to “fill the void.” The site’s assertion made absolutely no sense since Jolie had her five other children in the house with her. Why would the actress need to fill a void? Gossip Cop dismissed the bogus story at the time.

Earlier this year, the Globe falsely stated Jolie was looking to adopt a baby once her divorce from Pitt was finalized. The tabloid insisted the actress was “eager” to have another baby and would have adopted sooner but “put her plans on hold until after nailing down a money and custody deal with Pitt.” “Now that the settlement is in the final stages – and she’s confident it will be done and dusted any week now – they can both go on and live their lives,” a supposed insider told the outlet. Gossip Cop debunked the incorrect story when it came out.

A month later, Gossip Cop busted an incorrect story that Jolie was visiting orphanages around the world in hopes of adopting a kid. OK! rehashed the same worn-out story, that Jolie was looking to adopt again after Maddox left for college. The outlet claimed the actress visited “several” countries, like Syria and Haiti, as well as Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. Gossip Cop checked with an individual in Jolie’s camp who told us the story simply wasn’t true. Additionally, the story-line was just recycled from other accounts we already correctly.

However, merely days later, NW inaccurately said Jolie was adopting a child “out of spite” after she discovered Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were having a baby. The ludicrous story didn’t need correcting, still, Gossip Cop investigated it and found it to be false. Firstly, as stated in the past, Aniston and Pitt were not back together, nor were they having a baby. Second, why would Jolie adopt a child “out of spite.” The whole narrative was as unbelievable as it was false. Gossip Cop wasted no time setting the record straight on the matter. The central argument here is that the tabloids were wrong and Jolie has not adopted any more children.


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