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Three word warning Charles was given before admitting he cheated on Diana on TV

After years of speculation and vicious rumours, Prince Charles finally admitted he had been unfaithful to Princess Diana in a bombshell TV interview.

The heir to the throne sat down with Jonathan Dimbleby to discuss aspects of his personal life, and it wasn’t long before Camilla Parker Bowles came up.

For the first time, Charles publicly admitted he had been unfaithful, saying it only happened after his marriage has “irretrievably broken down”.

Public opinion of him changed immediately, and many started to question whether he was fit to take on the throne.

Before the interview, his then press secretary Dickie Arbiter gave him a blunt warning.

Speaking on the new Channel 5 documentary Charles and Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting, he said: “I warned them at the time it would have to be warts and all.

“You cannot deny anything, you cannot leave anything out. And nothing was left out.”

The ITV interview was watched by millions of people and rocked the royal family

Asked about his ex-girlfriend Camilla, who he dated before meeting Diana, Charles said: “Ms Parker Bowles is a great friend of mine, I have a large number of friends that I’m terribly lucky to have.

“So many friends who I think are wonderful, and make a huge difference to my life which would be intolerable otherwise. She has been a friend for a very long time.”

Asked if he tried to be faithful to Diana after their wedding day, he replied “yes, absolutely”.

Asked if he was he said yes, but after a short pause adds “until it became irretrievably broken down”.

Mr Arbiter said: “He was very upset with the negative press as anybody would be, and it was very negative. It was very vicious.”

A year later it was Diana’s time to tell all, when she did an hour-long interview with Panorama.

She said she was aware of the affair but “wasn’t in a position to do anything about it”.

She said she knew Charles was in love with Camilla, and when asked if she believed she was a factor in the breakdown of their marriage replied: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a big crowded.”

Mr Arbiter spoke to Diana after the interview and claims she regretted it.

He said: “She was very contrived, She was very sorry that she had done it. But why had she done it in the first place? It was all this attacking each other and getting back at it.”

There were also claims that Camilla’s husband Andrew also knew about the affair, but once it became public knowledge knew their marriage had to end.

The couple divorced in 1995.


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