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Jennifer Aniston Asking Brad Pitt For Financial Advice?

Is Jennifer Aniston turning to Brad Pitt for advice on making money? That’s what one tabloid has claimed this week. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to the latest issue of the Globe, Aniston has been “leaning on” Pitt for tips on commercial deals, sponsorships, and other “business schemes.” “Jen’s always open to new opportunities and there aren’t many more savvy operators in Hollywood than Brad,” says one supposed insider, “so it’s only logical she’d ask him for help.” The insider contends that Pitt has been “offering his expert tips” to Aniston as he “continues to rake in buckets of bucks from jewelry companies and fashion lines.”

The tabloid adds that Pitt and Aniston “have been getting close again recently,” stoking rumors about “a possible remarriage” after her showed up at her “recent birthday bash” and the exes “were seen cozying up at award events.” Despite these rumors, the unreliable tabloid says, “their interactions have been about trading info on business opportunities.” “Brad’s been doling advice to her on the do’s and don’ts, things he’s learned along the way,” the source finishes, adding, “She really admires how he always seems to make the best – and most lucrative – choices.”

Where to begin with this silly story? First off, Gossip Cop should address this thing about Aniston and Pitt “getting close again.” They’ve actually been friends for years, though not especially close friends according to a report by People last year. That “recent birthday bash” might have been for her 51st in 2020, but he also attended her 50th birthday party in 2019. That line about “cozying up at awards events” was an obvious reference to their brief but friendly interaction at the SAG Awards during which they congratulated one another on their respective wins. It was a rare public interaction for the two but doesn’t say anything about their private interactions.

Also, why in the world would Jennifer Aniston need to turn to anybody else for advice on endorsements? She makes lucrative brand deals all the time, and much more often than Pitt does. In 2018, Elle called Aniston “the face that launched a thousand ad campaigns.” The idea that she would be looking to her ex-husband for advice on the thing she does better than anyone else is laughable, and possibly even a little insulting.

Oh, and there are those “possible remarriage” rumors. Such rumors were, of course, only ever written about by untrustworthy supermarket tabloids like the Globe and its ilk. Gossip Cop busted these Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston rumors over and over again. It’s obvious that the tabloid is trying to save face by distancing itself from those rumors, even though it was often responsible for pushing them itself.

In the past few months, Gossip Cop has busted the outlet for claiming that Angelina Jolie was dragging Aniston into her custody battle against Pitt, that Pitt’s mother was nagging him to get back together with Aniston, and that Pitt was forcing Aniston to choose between a relationship with him and drinking alcohol, alongside plenty of other ridiculous claims. Just because this latest story isn’t trying to convince you they’re back together, doesn’t make it any less bogus.


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