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Snoop Dogg Challenges Masterchefs While Trying To Cook An Italian Food

One of the elder statesmen of the Hip-Hop world, Snoop Dogg, has shared some unexpected videos of himself on his official Instagram account and showed off his cooking skills in the self-quarantine amid coronavirus epidemic.

Snoop Dogg is one of the many famous names who are stuck at home due to coronavirus pandemic, and he shared a few videos while he was cooking an excellent pizza for dinner. Frankly, many followers didn’t know anything about his cooking skills, but they started to learn somethings thanks to these images. In the videos, he revealed some secret hints for cooking a delicious pizza.

After he prepared his dinner, he uploaded another video to show the taste of his incredible look pizza. Frankly, the delicious way of cooking pizza by the rapper will surely leave you watery mouth. He didn’t caption anything with these videos but his followers wrote a lot of comments about these images.

A fan named Hector Kriete liked these posts and commented:

“That greasy pizza looks good.”

Another fan named Lannie DJ wrote this:

“I got ya pizza for ya 😁”

You can see all the Instagram videos of Snoop Dogg right below.


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