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Bruce Willis’ Wife Furious At Him For Quarantining With Demi Moore?

Is Bruce Willis‘ wife Emma Heming furious that he’s quarantining with his Demi Moore instead of with her? That’s what one tabloid is saying this week. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and can debunk it.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Willis has been quarantining with his ex-wife Demi Moore and their three adult children in Idaho, instead of with Heming and their two kids in Los Angeles. This arrangement, according to the National Enquirer, has left Heming “seething” despite being “publicly supportive” about it.

“Emma has openly backed Bruce’s devotion to his older daughters,” a supposed “insider” tells the outlet, “but this takes things to a whole other level she never anticipated… her patience has been worn down to the bone.” The notoriously untrustworthy tabloid contends that Moore “begged” Willis to come to their Idaho home in the early stages of the pandemic to “lend moral support” to their daughters. Heming, the suspicious tipster alleges, has told Willis that “he needs to make it clear which family means the most to him – or their marriage will be in deep trouble when he gets home!”

This story is baloney, here’s what really happened, as told by Willis and Moore’s daughter Scout in a recent interview: Heming and her children had originally planned to come to Idaho along with Willis, but one of the girls had a medical emergency. Willis flew to Idaho early, but by the time Heming and her daughters could try to join them, the country had effectively been locked down, forcing Heming to remain in Los Angeles.

Willis didn’t “choose” Moore over Heming, and Heming is not suspicious of their relationship. Willis and Moore are very close as exes and co-parents, but the tabloid is completely misinterpreting what’s going on. Moore has been updating her Instagram with family photos, which Heming has frequently commented on. “Love and miss you guys,” she wrote under one photo, adding “looking good squad” on another. If she’s upset, it’s because she’s not with them, not because she’s jealous.

Gossip Cop also debunked a similar story from NW earlier this week that insisted Moore was plotting to win Willis back during their self-quarantine. While investigating that piece, we reached out to a rep for Moore, who said that the story was “nonsense.” We also pointed out that Moore had attended Willis and Heming’s 10th-anniversary party the previous year. Moore is not planning on stealing Willis away, and Heming is obviously not concerned about the situation. This article is also nonsense.

As we said, the Enquirer has a built up a pretty bad reputation as an outlet for celebrity news. Gossip Cop previously debunked a story from the tabloid claiming that Willis had a heart attack on the set of his film Motherless Brooklyn. It’s obvious that the publication would rather invent salacious rumors than report the facts. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for.


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