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Jared Leto’s Wildest Outfits Throughout His Career That You Need To See To Believe

Let’s be clear about one thing here: Jared Leto is beautiful. He’s impossible to miss on the red carpet, the screen, or the concert stage with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. That being said, he’s made some very bold fashion choices in his decades in the spotlight. While he may be in the news more often for things like his alleged cult or meditative retreats, his fashion occasionally draws the spotlight as well. We compiled a few of the most…interesting outfits Leto’s worn in his career.

The Met Gala One

Okay, we need to get this one out of the way. While it’s pretty fun to poke fun at a few of his odd clothing choices, we have to applaud his incredible ensemble for the 2019 Met Gala. The theme was camp, and Leto may have been the best to appear that year. Carrying a lifelike model of your own head is inspired, and he pulled it off incredibly well. Now that that’s established, let’s look at some outfits that didn’t go so well.

April 2002

Honestly, for a 2002 look, this isn’t that bad. It’s perfectly fine for the most part. But the excessively long cloth belt is a trend that’s mind-boggling to look back on decades after the fad. Why did we wear belts so long without tucking in the excess? There was definitely a little cloth loop for it like on a regular belt, but we always favored leaving them to hang down like our terrible bangs. It’s part too-cool-to-care, part karate gi, and all goofy.

October 2003

There’s a lot we can say about this picture. We won’t, though. We’re just going to stare at it for a little while and wonder why Jared Leto looks weirdly like a mix of Jake Gyllenhaal and Kid Rock here.

November 2004

Spider-Man 3 came out three years after this outfit made its debut, but we still can’t help but see the swoopy haired and melodramatic Peter Parker when we look at this fit. The white leather belt is a nice touch on this decent suit, but we wish it was studded to really hit that 2000s nostalgia.

September 2007

These are definitely in the spirit of fingerless gloves, but they’re ultimately more like arm legwarmers or add-on long sleeves with a thumb hole. Whatever they are, we’ll settle for saying that this is Jared Leto wearing fingerless gloves at a NASCAR event, which feels more like a disappointing Madlib than a statement of fact.

May 2010

Performing on stage in a trench coat seems like it’d be exhausting, but the fingerless gloves are just the cherry on top of the pile of questions we have about how this ensemble came together. Fortunately, he lost the jacket and ended up performing in a vest over his already sleeveless shirt. He still kept the gloves though.

February 2012

Leto kept it pretty normal during the 2010s as he raked in acting awards and critical praise. That being said, this outfit from a 2012 fashion show is downright mystifying. Detached bird-feather-slash-fur-slash-something collars aren’t exactly what we think of when we think high fashion, but that’s just us.

May 2015

See, we can’t even judge this outfit. This is just rad all around. And the lack of fingerless gloves makes us extra happy.

July 2018

Of course, when he’s not on the red carpet, Jared Leto’s probably performing with 30 Seconds To Mars. His performances are always high energy, but his outfits occasionally steal the show. The detail on this ensemble is intense, although we can’t help but like it more without the gloves.

April 2019

One of the more interesting aspects of Leto’s fashion is the fact that he’ll go from ornate and esoteric one day to a simple Canadian tuxedo of denim on denim and a sweet pair of kicks. We can’t vouch for the pose, though.

September 2019

When you’re sitting between Gucci Mane and Dapper Dan, the expectations are high. However, we just don’t think a flamingo pink fur cuts it, especially compared to just how clean the other attendees of this Gucci fashion show are. Jared Leto may have gotten a little lost in the sauce on this one.

January 2020

Honestly, we can’t even come up with an explanation for this one. It’s a lot to take in from one picture, and we don’t know what’s the most confusing part of this ensemble. Is it the sad floppy hat, or is it the almost-hidden brass shoes? The Joker-esque shirt is just as confusing with its pattern and burnt orange accents. It’s part 60s hippie, part 70s pimp. It doesn’t make any sense to us, but then again, there’s a reason why Gucci hasn’t invited us to any of their fashion shows.


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