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Truth About Kanye West Cheating On Kim Kardashian

When Kanye West married Kim Kardashian in 2014, the couple’s relationship was immediately scrutinized by the tabloids. West, in particular, was the subject of inaccurate stories and accused of cheating on his wife. Gossip Cop has busted plenty of bogus claims about the rapper. Here are the four times the tabloids were wrong about West cheating on his wife.

Our first bust on the list is from July 2018, when a tabloid falsely claimed Kardashian resented Teyana Taylor. Mirror alleged the reality star “felt increasingly left out” by West’s closeness to the singer and was “concerned about her hubby’s friendship” with Taylor. The story’s narrative was way off-base. Firstly, Kardashian and Taylor are friends. Kardashian attended Taylor’s album release party just a month before the bogus article came out. Secondly, Taylor is under West’s label, which would explain why the two spent a lot of time together. Gossip Cop dismissed the phony story at the time.

The following month, Life & Style, inaccurately stated Kardashian was concerned West would leave her for Erica Jardim. The outlet contended Kardashian was fearful West was “having beautiful, dark, twisted fantasies” about the model who appeared in the Yeezy Season 6 campaign. A supposed source alleged West became “obsessed” Jardim’s body. The sketchy source further asserted Kardashian was “in talks” with lawyers about getting a divorce. The article didn’t add up, first, it claimed West was leaving Kardashian, then it said Kardashian was leaving West. Additionally, the campaign Jardim modeled in came out six months before the outlet made-up the false story. Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the silly tale when it came out, and obviously, there was no divorce either.

A few weeks later, the rapper came under fire again when an outlet incorrectly stated Kardashian told West to stop flirting with her sisters. Closer claimed West “revealed his desires” to sleep with Kardashian’s four sisters. “Kim is notoriously competitive with her sisters when it comes to looking the slimmest and the hottest,” a supposed “pal,” told the outlet. The article came out after West released his song, “XTCY”, which featured a controversial line about the rapper’s sisters-in-law. However, it was revealed West shares his lyrics with his wife, and the reality star nor her sisters were unsettled about them. Gossip Cop busted the bogus story.

Just days later, another magazine tried to create a similar bogus account, which implied Kardashian was “fuming” over West’s crush on Kourtney Kardashian. NW asserted following West’s expletive lyrics, there was “one sister in particular who’s caught Ye’s eye — Kourtney! And needless to say, Kim is fuming over his creepy crush.” The phony article was based on the same narrative Gossip Cop had already corrected just days before. Furthermore, there was no proof West was “crushing” on Kourtney or trying to pursue her. It wasn’t hard to expose the misleading story.

Despite what the tabloids attempt to convey, West is very much committed to his wife. These unreliable outlets have no insight on him or his marriage.


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