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How Queen is filling her days during lockdown – ‘If I stop, I’ll drop’

Just like the rest of us, the Queen is having to come up with ways to keep busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

While she’s still got a lot on her plate in terms of keeping up to date with how the country is battling the virus, cancelled engagements and not being able to see her family means she’s got more time than normal.

Despite being 94, the Monarch still has a very busy day-to-day life normally, packed full of meetings and paperwork.

And Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, believes there is no chance of the Queen slowing down at this time, and she’s sure she will be keeping busy.

She told Sky News: “She’ll be very unused to this, although of course she’s been working on her state papers from her red box.

“She’ll probably be doing some of the things we’ve been doing, like going through drawers, maybe doing her photo albums.

“She always says ‘if I stop, I drop’.”

The Queen has two dogs, so it’s likely that she’s taking them for daily walks in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

She also used to be a keen photographer, so there’s a chance she may have dusted off her old camera.

She’s also believed to be having regular Zoom catch ups with her family, and will be chatting to members of the government to get regular updates on the impact of the virus.

Like many people up and down the country, the Queen celebrated her birthday in lockdown earlier this month.

But Ingrid doesn’t believe the Queen will be too upset about having to skip her normal birthday celebrations.

She said: “I don’t think the Queen will mind too because, because she once said there are so many birthdays and so many anniversaries that we as a family are only really inclined to celebrate every 10 years.

“She’ll probably will celebrate with her immediate staff because of course she’s not able to be around anyone else.”

“Normally she would maybe go riding or something but she would certainly think that’s very much the wrong thing to do at the moment.

“She’s very conscious, as always, of people and their problems. Certainly, she very much thinks of others rather than herself. She’s got that wonderful sense of duty and she’s very humble.”


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