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Truth About Tom Cruise’s Dating Life

Tom Cruise has not publicly dated anyone for the past eight years. Since his split from Katie Holmes in 2012, he doesn’t often give interviews and never speaks about his personal life. But rather than dissuading the gossip industry from writing stores about him, all this has done is allow tabloids to speculate endlessly about what’s going on behind closed doors for the enigmatic actor. Here are some recent rumors Gossip Cop has debunked about Cruise’s romantic life.

In December, Star published a ridiculous piece alleging that Cruise was dating Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery, based on the sole piece of evidence that they sat next to each other at the British Fashion Awards earlier that month. “Tom pulled some strings to sit next to Michelle,” a supposed “insider” stated. “He’s confident there’s a chance of him and Michelle making things happen.” Dockery, as Gossip Cop pointed out, had actually been dating Jasper Waller-Bridge for several months. It was a complete non-story. Sometimes famous people are just seated next to each other.

In January, Cruise was in a “love triangle” with Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth, according to Woman’s Day. Zellweger played Cruise’s love interest in Jerry Maguire, and Firth played Zellweger’s love interest in the Bridget Jones movies, and the tabloid evidently got these cinema confused with real life and assumed the romances were real. Gossip Cop checked in Zellweger’s spokesperson, who laughed off the story as completely bogus. The tabloid was likely just capitalizing on the hype surrounding Zellweger’s awards season sweep for her starring role in the film Judy.

Less than a month later, NW decided to pair up Cruise with actress Olivia Munn. As with the Dockery story, the only connection that Munn and Cruise appear to have ever shared is that they attended the same CAA pre-Oscars party this ear, which the tabloid claims Cruise went to for the purpose of finding a date. Furthermore, Munn had at that point been dating Tucker Roberts for over a year. A source close to Cruise also assured Gossip Cop that Cruise was not trying to date Munn. The story couldn’t have been more made-up if it tried.

In March, Gossip Cop busted a Woman’s Day story for contending that Cruise was secretly dating Sofia Boutella, his Mummy co-star. Funnily enough, the tabloid’s evidence to back up its claim was a photo of the co-stars greeting each other at the same CAA pre-Oscar party where Cruise supposedly first connected with Munn. An “insider” alleged that Cruise and Boutella confirmed their relationship with a kiss in front of onlookers, though the magazine offered no photos as proof, insisting that they kissed when cameras were turned away. A source close to the situation confirmed for us that Cruise and Boutella weren’t dating. The tabloid world needs to stop just pairing Cruise up with whatever woman happens to be standing next to him at a given moment.


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